Missing Coverage of Family Research Council Shooter Highlights Media Agenda


The Family Research Council Shooter Floyd Lee Corkins II
The Family Research Council Shooter Floyd Lee Corkins II

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- Yesterday, Floyd Lee Corkins II walked into the headquarters of The Family Research Council, made statements in opposition to the FRC’s conservative views, then pulled out a handgun and opened fire, striking a nearby Security Guard in the arm.

Since yesterday’s shooting, it has been learned that Corkins, 28, recently spent several months working for the LGBT Community as a volunteer.

It is also coming to light that Corkins apparently purchased the weapon he used in his attack just days before yesterday’s incident and thus far, according to CNN, Corkins was currently being held on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Inexplicably not the far more serious charge of attempted murder, which is the standard charge anytime someone fires a weapon at another person and hits, but does not kill them.

Thus far, media coverage of yesterday’s shooting has been notably subdued, in fact, essentially nonexistent when compared to the coverage and commentary over other recent public shootings in Wisconsin and Colorado. The webpages, FaceBook Walls, Tweets and Blogs of Gun Control Groups and their supporters have been suspiciously but noticeably mute. Which leads one to the inevitable conclusion that there is in fact a distinct and verifiable double standard at play when it comes to new coverage of violent crime committed with firearms.

Coverage based, not on actual concern for the victims or the issue as a whole, but solely on the likely political leanings of the attacker and their target.

Remember, in the immediate aftermath of the Tucson Arizona Shooting by Jared Loughner, media pundits and major networks raced to outdo each other in attempting to tie Loughner to Conservative/Tea Party/Republican leanings, only to later discover, after that bigoted seed had already been planted in the public’s mind, that Loughner didn’t adhere rigidly to any particular political ideology.

He in fact had written some decidedly left leaning ideas and concepts in his musings.

This despicable behavior was repeated more recently after the Aurora Colorado Massacre, when ABC’s Brian Ross, in a segment of Good Morning America the day after the shooting recklessly and without the most basic fact-checking, attempted to tie shooter James Holmes to the Tea Party movement based on the nebulous “connection” that someone with the same name was listed as a member of an Aurora Colorado area Tea Party Website.

ABC was forced to issue a public retraction and apology for their unfounded and baseless assertions hours after the initial airing, but how many people saw or learned of it ? As opposed to only hearing the initial segment and deciding the “Tea Party” was somehow responsible?

Also of note, the usual cabal of Gun Control advocates in Congress weren’t seen racing to the nearest podium or TV Camera Crew to pitch their hopelessly ignorant demands for more gun laws in the wake of yesterday’s incident. Frank Lautenberg, Carolyn McCarthy, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and others were nowhere to be found yesterday or today.

To recap.
Someone, either mentally unhinged, as in the case of Loughner and Holmes, or seething with anger over social issues and ready to lash out with violence, such as Wisconsin Shooter Wade Page or now Floyd Corkins, enters a public place and opens fire.

If the shooter can, in the most vague and uncertain way possible be even tangentially made to appear to share views with anything “conservative” or “Republican” then the media will quite happily and willingly pound that message home. And Anti Gun Politicians and Gun Control Groups will let forth a deluge of press releases, soundbites, and blog articles demanding more gun control under the guise of “common sense” and “reasonable

If the criminal attacker has, as in the case with Floyd Corkins, factual and provable associations with the pet issues of the left, such as LGBT groups, a media blackout will ensue and the same Gun Control Groups and Politicians will go dark.

And the suspect will be minimally charged, as opposed to having the proverbial “book thrown at them”, as has been done in the vilification of George Zimmerman in Florida, charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin in a case which, by all publicly available accounts, was clearly self-defense.

But I must correct myself, remember, there is no bias in the media and anyone that claims otherwise is paranoid and a conspiracy theorist, not someone serious, with legitimate concerns.

And they wonder why no one trusts them anymore.

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