Moon Shine Attitude Attire Partners With Camoclad

Moon Shine Attitude Attire licenses camouflage to Camoclad.

Moon Shine Attitude Attire With Camoclad
Moon Shine Attitude Attire Partners With Camoclad
Moon Shine Attitude Attire

BEAVERTOWN, PA. –Moon Shine, LP, a premium designer of Moon Shine Attitude Attire, announces that they have licensed Camoclad to offer their complete line of wrap kits in Muddy Girl Camouflage, Harvest Moon Camouflage, Outshine Camouflage, and the new Wildfire Camouflage.

“We are excited to license our patterns to Camoclad,” stated Moon Shine, LP President Travis Mattern.

“The majority of outdoor enthusiast are wanting more attitude in their camo. Camoclad® is America’s premier camo graphic system that offers everything from vehicle to boat wrap kits, so we are looking forward to a great partnership with Camoclad’s ability to distribute our expressive camo patterns nationally.”

Joe Warner, president and founder of CamoClad Inc. had this to say “We we’re always looking for new and exciting companies to work with in this industry and Moon Shine fits that perfectly. Moon Shines designs are vividly different from your traditional camouflage companies in that their patterns provide a much edgier style and color palette, while still retaining many of the components of modern, digital age camo like sticks and branches, leaves and trees, etc. Moon Shine camouflage patterns look great on vinyl, and we’re happy to be able to partner with them to produce their brand on our industry leading materials and revolutionary new products.”

Warner states, Camoclad is manufactured using premium 3M cast vinyl materials engineered for automotive and marine applications to produce camouflage kits and products with an industry leading 7 year durability rating and 4 year warranty against fading. Unlike competing vinyl products, Camoclads cast vinyl construction provides better print quality and materials free of edge lifting, peeling, cracking and pulling away. Product comes standard with a matte finish, making it ideal for adding a custom camouflage look to your vehicle or any other hunting and extreme sports equipment and hard goods. Our premium products are highly conformable and contain air release technology providing a simple, clean, bubble free installation. Our camouflage materials are removable when desired and won’t leave behind an adhesive residue.

The company offers complete kits to cover all make and model Trucks, Jeeps, SUV’s and RV’s, and more. Camoclad® is 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.

About Moon Shine, LP:
Moon Shine, LP is a cutting edge designer of quality brand name apparel that conveys the attitude and traditional values of every generation. From the hunters and farmers who live off our lands to the soldiers and patriots who protect it, Moon Shine Attitude Attire™ honors the essence of the American Legacy. For more information visit, or call 1.800.4.MOON.SHINE

About Camoclad:
CamoClad Inc. is America’s premiere camouflage graphics system featuring camouflage patterns from Moon Shine Attitude Attire, Battle Ready, Kloak, Matthew’s Lost Camo, Morning Wood, Mothwing, Natural Gear, and True Timber. Camoclad, Inc. is a full service manufacturer offering camouflage solutions and services to the hunting industry as well as camouflage application products. For more information about Camoclad visit their website at or call at 1-800-585-8550.