Download MyGunDB Firearm Collections Management Software

MyGunDB Firearm Collections Software
Download MyGunDB Firearm Collections Software
Intelligent Firearm Solutions
Intelligent Firearm Solutions

Manchester, NH –-( MyGunDB – a unique computer program that makes managing firearm collections for both collectors and Federal Firearm License (FFL) dealers simple – announced the latest release of their downloadable software Wednesday.

MyGunDB is the first ATF compliant inventory software for collectors and firearm owners to be able to both effectively manage their collection and maintain a digital bound book. The newest version fully syncs between the desktop version and the mobile app, making it easier than ever to manage your inventory on the go.

“I'm very proud of the new release as our users have made it clear that mobile access to their collection is invaluable,” says Alan Ellis, founder of MyGunDB. “No longer does a dealer need to go to the office to check to see what is in stock, nor does a collector need to wait to see if they need more ammo for their upcoming range visit since they can check that from their Android device at any time.”

To date, MyGunDB has over 50,000 unique users and is used by organizations such as the NH State Police, KFS Industries and a forensics crime lab. It was created to keep collections organized by tracking firearm information and statistics, manage ammo inventory, track maintenance logs and generally put all relevant data in an easy to view system while meeting ATF digital Bound Book requirements – something that isn’t currently offered in the market.

The system is free, and fully functional, for users that own 10 or less firearms with a $19.95-$39.95 cost for those looking manage more than that.

Being able to track hand-loaded ammo, not just factory bought, holster organizing, and the ability to generate ATF compliant reports are just some of the additional features that fits the needs of shooting enthusiasts. Future plans include a number of add-ons with matching mobile applications, range logs, competition scoring, reloading supply inventorying and even a system to facilitate selling and purchasing firearms and accessories between users through a wish list system.

“Anyone with firearms needs MyGunDB, even if just for insurance purposes. With the free version being fully functional, there is no reason to not use the software,” Ellis said.

MyGunDB, which runs on Windows, OS X and Linux machines, is available for immediate download with the Android version available in the Google Play store, Nook App store and the Amazon App store. The IOS version for iPads, iPhones and iPods is also now available in the iTunes Store.

ABOUT Intelligent Firearm Solutions, LLC.
Founded by Alan Ellis in July 2011, Intelligent Firearm Solutions, LLC. has grown to be the leader in firearm inventory software for collectors and enthusiests. Though MyGunDB began as a small, free, utility program that the founder needed personally when he realized no other software met his needs, it has evolved into a full blown firearm dashboard based on the feedback of its users through online forums and other communities. For more information, please visit

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    1. MyGunDB was charged to my credit card but I can not get it to download on my new Apple Mac. I have emailed them “tickets” several times with no response–no help! I have paid for a software that I can not use now for 2 months. I can not find a phone # for this company anywhere! Does anyone know of a good reliable firearm inventory computer software program I can buy? I really need one badly! Ray; email: [email protected]

      1. Never use ANY TYPE of Firearm Collections Management Software!!! What you are ACTUALLY doing is creating a GUN REGISTRY for the FEDS to use for CONFISCATION. What you put on the Internet is available to any hacker forever. Think ATF, FBI, NSA, etc. Depending on what software programs you have on your computer, you may already be downloading EVERYTHING that is on your computer every night to Microsoft.

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