Shot Scent from Nuzzi Outdoors – First Hunting Scent System To Not Bust Hunters

Nuzzi Outdoors Shot Scent
Nuzzi Outdoors Shot Scent
Nuzzi Outdoors
Nuzzi Outdoors

USA –-( Shot Scent is the first all natural scent-based attractant and delivery system that does not require a hunter to disrupt the hunting environment.

With Shot Scent there are NO – wicks, canisters, gel tubes, bottles, spraying, walking around the hunting area, and most importantly–NO HUMAN ODORS.

The delivery system (called the “Dispenser Wand”) is a patent pending design specifically created to deliver the Shot Scent in a continuos pattern from approximately seven to forty-seven yards over flat terrain–all with a flick of the wrist from any standing or sitting position. Meant to be used from the comfort of any tree stand, blind or other hunting location.

Shot Scent is not just a delivery system. It’s also a carefully formulated, all-natural scent attractant system that will pose absolutely no harm to the environment and is composed of a proprietary system and ingredients available in several varieties such as deer scents, wild pig scents and food scents.

Nuzzi Outdoors is a New Jersey based company that creates products for the hunting and outdoor industries. Products are proudly 100% made in America and are currently available online at the Nuzzi Outdoors website,, Ebay and soon to be in sporting goods stores nationwide. Nuzzi Outdoors employs American workers for all aspects of production.

For further information, please contact Richard Bogath, Director of Marketing at 888-430-6068 or via email at [email protected] You can also contact Jim Nuzzi, President, at [email protected]

Product line can be viewed at

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