Pew Poll Shows Media Powerless to Sway Public Opinion on Guns

Arlington, VA – -( “A recent Pew poll shows the media is powerless to sway public opinion on gun control and the right to keep and bear arms,” gun rights expert John M. Snyder said here today.

“That’s the really big news revealed by the Pew Research Center survey,” Snyder added.

He said that, “With all of the media hype following the Aurora, Colorado mass killing, you’d think the public would be clamoring for more and more gun control. That, however, is not the case. The Pew poll shows this.

“It shows that, in April, 45 percent of the poll respondents favored more control on gun ownership and that, a few days ago, 47 percent did. It showed also that, in April, 49 percent favored protections on the right to own guns and that, a few days ago, 46 percent did.”

Snyder pointed out that, “Pew surveys over the last 20 years demonstrate that public opinion on the gun issue definitely is shifting away from government control of firearms ownership in favor of more freedom for firearms owners. In December 1993, only 34 percent wanted to protect the right to own guns and 57 percent wanted to control gun ownership. Now, 46 percent want to protect the right to own guns and 47 percent want to control gun ownership.

“The shift is against the mainstream media’s anti-gun position and towards the freedom-loving Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. Public officials and citizens who want to become public officials should take note. The Second Amendment community is on the move.”
John M. Snyder
Telum Associates, LLC
Arlington, VA

About John Snyder

Named the Gun Dean by Human Events, “the senior rights activist in Washington” by Shotgun News, a “champion of the right to self-defense” by The Washington Times, and “dean of gun lobbyists” by The Washington Post and The New York Times, John M. Snyder has spent 45 years as a proponent of the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms as a National Rifle Association editor, public affairs director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, treasurer of the Second Amendment Foundation, and founder of

John Snyder

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david park, With all dues respect, you have ALOT to learn. Not only about the history and intent of what the Founders wanted people to have access to in the terms of firearms but also in what is and ore importantly ISNT available to Citizens. "Automatic guns" have been HEAVILY restricted to the civilian market since The National Firearms Act of 1934 ! Getting one requires passing an extensive backround check at multiple levels, registering the weapon with the Federal Govt. The market for these types of firearms is so artificially low that prices START at 15 thousand dollars EACH… Read more »

david park

when people had guns in the past they only had long guns and pistols so that was where the right to bear arms came from im,m all for this not the automatic guns that are out there now