Prepare Firearms For The Fall Hunting Season With Royal Purple Gun Oil

Protect Your Gun with an Advanced Synthetic That Cleans and Lubricates.

Royal Purple Synthetic Oil
Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

Porter, TX –-( With fall and winter hunting seasons just around the corner, pre-season firearm maintenance is a must.

Aside from the obvious safety considerations, a weapon that seizes or becomes inoperable in the field can be a source of serious frustration.

To combat this, the premier synthetic lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple developed gun oil that is specifically formulated to protect firearms from the rust, corrosion and oxidation that can occur when weapons are exposed to the elements.

Royal Purple Gun Oil
Royal Purple Gun Oil

When performing both seasonal and regular maintenance, it’s important to use a lubricant specifically formulated for firearms. One common misconception about gun care is that mineral oil provides adequate protection for firearms. In fact, straight mineral oil is simply base oil with no additives. An oil film of this type eventually evaporates, leaving the breach and gun mechanism susceptible to corrosion and oxidation.

Instead, Royal Purple’s Gun Oil contains a unique, proprietary additive technology called Synerlec and a blend of light solvents. The addition of Synerlec to the synthetic base oil gives the product the special ability to protect weapons against the metal-to-metal contact they experience under heavy load and during the repeated firings of hunting season, while the built-in solvent lightly cleans firearms so owners can use one product as opposed to buying separate cleaners and lubricants.

When compared to other gun oils, Royal Purple’s product actually leaves a long-lasting film that protects metal parts from water and air, thereby reducing the chances of fouling and improving performance. Royal Purple Gun Oil is so effective it works in a variety of climates and temperatures and will not thicken in cold weather. In fact, it earned a 99-percent approval rating from the North American Hunting Club and was selected as an Editors Pick with the NRA’s Free Hunters Magazine.

Royal Purple Gun Oil is available at O’Reilly Auto Parts and through online retailers such as Amazon, JEGS, Summit Racing, Pace Performance, and Lucky 7 Trucks. More information about Royal Purple’s gun oil and its other products is available at

Photo Caption: Royal Purple gun oil is specially formulated with select synthetic base oils and a unique additive technology called Synerlec that provides increased protection well beyond mineral oil alone.

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