Shocking Admissions from Gun Control Advocates


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Shocking Admissions from Gun Control Advocates. IMG NRA-ILA

Manasquan, NJ –-( The Aurora Colorado Massacre has predictably brought out the worst of the worst “blood-dancing” from the various usual suspects in the Pro Victimhood/Anti Gun movement.

If it wasn’t for the fact that their ignorance laced commentary and opinions are sold to the American Public as factual “news” and “reasonable” objectives, their statements would be hysterical. Near universally smug and arrogant, convinced they are the “enlightened ones” and confident that the abundant Fifth Columnists in the Media will faithfully repeat their dogma under the guise of credible “news” reporting.

But every once in a while, the Gun Control Zealots masks slip, and they inadvertently reveal their real feelings and opinions, to their own detriment and do enormous damage to the credibility of their organizations and public policy positions in the process.very once in a while, the Gun Control Zealots masks slip, and they inadvertently reveal their real feelings and opinions, to their own detriment and do enormous damage to the credibility of their organizations and public policy positions in the process.

Such is the case in a recent televised debate for Channel 9 in Northern New Jersey which took place on Sunday, July 29th, 2012, and featured notable Gun Law Expert, Second Amendment Advocate, and Attorney Evan Nappen facing off against the former head of the now-defunct “premier Gun Control Group in NJ, CeaseFireNJ” Bryan Miller.

Miller is well known and equally despised for his incessant efforts to further enable the victimization of Citizens at the hands of criminal attackers by way of his various lobbying efforts for ever-stricter Gun Control based on misrepresentation and more often outright lies. He famously testified before a House Sub Committee on the Judiciary about Gun Control Laws, stating that it was his view that “NJ already has very strict laws in place to deal with the issue of straw buyers”, then turned around and waged a relentless campaign to restrict the Rights of NJ Citizens, by ramming through a “One Gun a Month” Bill, claiming to politicians in Trenton and an eager media that straw buyers were a huge problem in the State, directly contradicting his earlier testimony before the Congressional Committee.

During an appearance on the now-canceled TV Talk Show “Your call with Lynn Doyle”, Miller once callously told a caller who related her story of nearly being attacked in a public restroom that she “should have screamed for help” , instead of drawing her legally carried handgun and making certain her would-be attacker knew that continuing his aggressive behavior would result in a rather large hole in his chest. Miller and every other Pro Victimhood zealot regularly proclaim that “no one needs a gun”, but in an unguarded moment during Sunday’s interview, when the host posed a hypothetical example to Miller about a potentially deadly situation involving members of his own family, Miller admitted on the air, publicly, that he could envision a situation where he would in fact “wish he had a gun”!

Here’s a link to the video,   fast forward to the 8:00 mark for the question from the host to Miller, then to the 8:38 mark to hear, from his own mouth, the admission from the one of the North East Regions most rabid Gun Control Advocates, that he could in fact envision a scenario where he would “wish he had a gun“. Towards the end of the interview, you can see Miller desperately trying to deny what he said, clearly realizing he has revealed for all the world to see, the same revolting hypocrisy the Gun Control Movement is well known for.

While they publicly demand more gun control laws for everyone else, and proclaim that “no one needs a gun” , in a moment of unscripted and unintentional candor, they admit what everyone on the Pro Self Defense side of the debate has been saying for years. Having a gun for self defense is the best way to stop an attacker when the police are minutes away.

Former Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke made a similar admission that went widely unreported in May 2009. Helmke gave a “Roundtable” Interview to the “Akron-Beacon Journal” on May 21st that year and towards the end of the discussion was quoted as admitting another truth that Pro-Gun Activists have been saying for years now. Helmke was quoted as acknowledging that “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Guns don’t fire by themselves.”

Here is the link to the original article where the above quote appears for all those that are sure to shrilly deny that the former President of the Nation’s most widely known Gun Control Group would ever say such a thing

Here we have instances, widely unreported, of the titular heads of two virulently Anti-Gun Groups acknowledging their morally and ethically bankrupt positions publicly. But the media will never call them on it and their supporters will do everything possible to deny it and scrub these moments of accidental candor for the record, lest Citizens learn the truth.

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