Solving the Mistakes Bowhunters Make With Mark Drury

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Vestavia AL –-( Editor’s Note: Mark Drury, the creator of M.A.D. Calls, co-owns Drury Outdoorsthat produces quality outdoor videos with his brother Terry. With the start of bow season in many states just around the corner, we’ve asked Mark Drury to tell us how to prevent common mistakes many bowhunters make.

150 point buck
Even though this buck scores 150+ points on the Boone & Crockett scale and would be a great trophy for a bowhunter, don’t take the shot. Instead, wait until the deer tuns and presents a better shot.

Bowhunters often make mistakes when they get too nervous. Perhaps they think the deer is leaving them, and they’ll take a shot at the wrong angle to the deer’s body. I call this wrong-angle shooting, “taking dumb angles.”

Instead, always make sure you wait for either a broadside or a quartering-away shot. Dumb angles occur because:

  • Your adrenaline kicks-in when you see that monster buck, you get excited and want to shoot the buck quickly, and you forget to shoot him accurately and at the right angle;
  • You’re drawing back before you’re ready to take the shot. I almost never draw, unless I know I’m about to shoot. If a deer sees you draw, he’ll be gone before you can get-off the shot. The deer always will win a Mexican stand-off.

Although you may believe you only can hunt days with the right weather, I think what’s more important is not to hunt the wrong days. If the day’s a low-pressure cloudy day that will force your scent down to the ground, stay-out of the places where you’re trying to take a big buck.

Only hunt a really-big buck on the days that all the conditions are right for hunting that big buck. You cannot ignore wind direction. When you’ve decided to hunt a certain stand, don’t go to that stand until the specific wind condition is present that you need to hunt a buck there.

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