‘Wildcat Cartridges’ a Reloader’s Handbook of Wildcat Cartridge Design is Now on Kindle

Wildcat Cartridges
‘Wildcat Cartridges’ a Reloader’s Handbook of Wildcat Cartridge Design is Now on Kindle
Z-Hat Custom Inc
Z-Hat Custom Inc

Kalispell, MT –-(Ammoland.com)- Z-Hat Custom Inc., announcing the Electronic publication of the “Wildcat Cartridges, the Reloader’s Handbook of Wildcat Cartridge Design” .

Fred Zeglin said, “The print edition of Wildcat Cartridges has gone out of print, we have plans to produce a second edition, but that is currently on the back burner. Demand of this book has remained strong so the decision to offer the first edition in a e-book format was made. We love that readers can pick up a copy of this valuable resource on Kindle and save some money at the same time.”

Fred Zeglin, gunsmith/author of “Wildcat Cartridges, Reloader’s Handbook of Wildcat Cartridge Design” and POMA member announced this week the Kindle edition publication of the reloading manual for “Wildcat Cartridges”.

The hardback edition of the book contains 288 pages of stories, illustrations, anecdotes, instructions, and data. Many of the cartridges covered in the book include a dimensioned drawing. Foreword by Wayne van Zwoll. ISBN# 978-0-9831598-1-0

Wildcatting has been around almost as long as the metallic cartridge case. Wildcats have an air of mystery about them, no effort is made in these pages to diminish that mystique. Yet, you will find information here that is simply not available anywhere else. P.O. Ackley was the last Gunsmith to address the subject of wildcatting in depth. Over forty years later, Fred Zeglin, Master Rifle Builder and wildcatter has assembled in an easy to read, often humorous manual for anyone who loves guns, reloading, or wildcat cartridges.

History of wildcat cartridges is presented including many well known designers like P.O. Ackley, Jerry Gebby, and Charles Newton. The historical information provides an appropriate frame of reference for wildcatting. Nobody really wants to repeat something that has already been done. More recent wildcats are included along with reloading data and dimensions wherever possible.

Most valuable of all is the how-to information about making reamers and reloading dies. Fred supplies dimensions and instructions on how they are used to produce highly accurate reloading dies and chambers. Delivery times for such custom tools can delay a wildcat project by many months, knowing how to make your own dies can speed delivery of custom projects considerably.

About Z-Hat Custom Inc.
Z-Hat is a custom gunsmithing company started by Fred Zeglin. (www.z-hat.com) Hunting rifles are a specialty for Z-Hat. They build rifles for clients on bolt, lever, and single shot actions. The development of the Hawk line of cartridges led to specialty offering to clients like reloading dies, cartridge design/development services, and numerous wildcat cartridges outside the Hawk line-up.

Fred Zeglin is an award winning writer, has taught classes for the NRA Short Term Gunsmithing Schools in Colorado and Oklahoma. He was the production and general manager for McGowen Precision Barrels for a time. Fred is the technical advisor for 4D Reamer Rentals Ltd. as well.

For more information about the “Wildcat Cartridges”, or other offerings at Z-Hat Custom Inc. Contact:

Z-Hat Custom Inc.
Fred Zeglin
432 E. Idaho St.
Suite C420
Kalispell, MT 59901

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Jack Hawley

What’s up with Z-hat?

Get very sketchy results from web searches. Looks like the website is gone??

Can’t seem to get a response from the contact. I need a 6.5 mm sleeve for my MIS seating die.

Can anybody help me break through to talk to a human being?


Ron P.

I was hoping that someone could help me with load data for a 7mm Super Magnum. I can’t seem to find anything about this wildcat cartridge… Thanks

Harry Averill

I am looking for reloading data on the 280 Remington imp with a 30 degree shoulder. this rifle was made in the mid. 60’s.I have lost all the data I was give . I am yousing 154 grain bullet.

Earl Pickett

I am looking for loading data for a .375 X 338 Epps using a Hornady .375 270 grain bullet

Wyatt streets

Looking for data on 257 stw

Kyle Walker

looking for loading data for 338/378 Kula Khan.
I bought a Jarrett from a guy in Montana and he has no loads, just what came with gun and he doesn’t know what they are. I spoke to Kirby Allen and gave me some ideas but do not have a load for 250 gr. Nosler Accubonds. Was think of starting with 110 gr Retumbo, or 50BMG. Federal 215. Also do you have OAL for bergers or Accubond LR.
Kyle Walker

Les kitchen

Looking for data on 6.5x .257 roberts

Randy G.

I was hoping you could give me some load data for a .257ackley with a 40deg. Shoulder I will be using a 120grain Speer bullet it’s a boat tail bullet. And I was wondering what I should trim the case to after fire forming thanks.