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Winchester Model 1873 One of One Thousand Rifle
Winchester Model 1873 “One of One Thousand” Rifle with Extremely Rare Half Octagon Barrel
Rock Island Auction Company
Rock Island Auction Company

Rock Island, IL –-( Rock Island Auction Company is proud to continue the 2012 auction season with our September 7th, 8th & 9th Premiere Sale, which includes a beautiful array of antique Winchester lever action rifles, showcasing top notch finish, scarce calibers and desirable features.

First and foremost among these arms is the Winchester Model 1873 “One of One-Thousand” Rifle, which is represented by an attractive, gold finished Model 1873 (#4) and a beautiful Model 1873 fitted with a scarce, factory documented half-octagon barrel (#1007).

Promoted as being ‘first among equals’, hand picked by keen-eyed inspectors above 999 other rifles, the 1 of 1000 was a short lived experiment, with only a small quantity known to have been so picked. Acquiring one can represent the capstone of an advanced Winchester or antique American arms collection. Lot 1007 is of particular note, as the factory letter which verifies it’s 1 of 1000 status also confirms the half-octagon barrel, a single set trigger, and a XXXX-grade super-fancy walnut stock, all collectable features in their own right. In addition, an extensive letter from noted author R.L. Wilson is included, who states that there among the 1873 1 of 1000s, there are only 5 known instances of a 24 inch, half-octagon barrel, 14 of XXXX-grade wood, and 5 short magazines, making this an arm scarce beyond measure.

Factory Engraved Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Rifle
Rare, Highly Desirable and Important Factory Engraved Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Rifle with R.L Wilson Letter

Another fine piece is a factory engraved Model 1866 (#1012), which is complete with a letter from noted author R.L. Wilson, the man who literally wrote the book on Winchester Engraving. In his letter, he describes this, which he believes to be an early work of master engraver John Ulrich, as occupying a “special position within the history of Winchester engraving”, being engraved during an era when Winchester engraving moved away from the styles established on the Volcanic and Henry arms to the styles and patterns of the Ulrich men, which defined ornate Winchesters through the end of the 19th Century and beyond. Lot 1012 is a top-rate example of the type of weapon that made Henry Winchester’s firm a part of the fabric of American culture and history.

Winchester Model 1886 .50/110 Express Rifle
Deluxe Special Order Winchester Model 1886 .50/110 Express Rifle with Factory Letter

Moving forward in Winchester’s history brings us a pair of factory documented Express caliber rifles, the Centennial Model of 1876 (#1006) and Model 1886 (#3000). Sought by those in need of top-rate knockdown capacity, the 50 Express gave the shooter a level of striking power sufficient to drop any animal on the North American continent with a well placed shot, and Winchester provided a rapid-fire alternative to the Sharps and other single shot breechloaders of the era. Both have their Express chambering and pistol grip stocks confirmed by factory letter, with Lot #3000 also equipped with a fancy checkered stock, half-octagon barrel and short magazine tube.

The proceeding rifles are a fraction of the Winchester lever actions that will be up for sale in our September Auction, which will run on the 7th, 8th and 9th. Full descriptions and color photographs for these and other items in our catalog can be viewed online for free at, or in hard copy available from the same site, by phone at 1-800-238-8022, fax at 1-309-797-1655, and e-mail of [email protected] We look forward to any inquiries, and hope to see you in September.

Rock Island Auction Company has been solely owned and operated by Patrick Hogan. This company was conceived on the idea that both the sellers and buyers should be completely informed and provided a professional venue for a true auction. After working with two other auction companies, Mr. Hogan began Rock Island Auction in 1993. Rock Island Auction Company has grown to be one of the top firearms auction houses in the nation. Under Mr. Hogan's guidance the company has experienced growth each and every year; and he is the first to say it is his staff's hard work and determination that have yielded such results. Visit:

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