2012 Firearm Civil Rights Conference

Sportsmen’s Association for Firearms Education Inc. presents 2012 firearm civil rights conference

Sportsmen's Association for Firearms Education

September 30th, 2012 –1:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Doors open at 12:00 NOON
Sheraton Long Island Hotel, 110 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway, Smithtown, NY 11788
(631) 231-1100 (On Motor Parkway on North side of LIE between exits 53 & 55)

Guest Speakers

Ambassador John Bolton, Former Ambassador to the United Nations.

David A. Keene, Elected President, National Rifle Association of America,

Anthony Bernardo, Executive Director of the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Cam Edwards, Famous NRA Web-site News Radio Show host

Ms. Nikki Goeser, Strong Second Amendment advocate after death of her husband.

Ginny Simone, Radio Show Host and Famous NRA Investigative Reporter on Firearms

Ms. Wendy Long, Republican Candidate for US Senator from and for New York State

Darin Goens, National Rifle Association State Liaison for New York State

John L. Cushman, President and Founder of SAFE, NRA Board Member, Member of the Board of Directors New York State Rifle & Pistol Association

ALL Candidates from both major Parties are invited. This is an opportunity for all currently elected officials as well as those seeking public office to come to a meeting and learn why individual firearms ownership is such an important issue. SAFE rarely allows Candidates for public office to speak at our event unless they are running for a statewide position where all the voters in New York State and in the room can vote.

This is the one time in a year we ask all candidates to simply sit down, be quiet and listen to the gun owners. It is said all elections are local and this will be the only opportunity you will get to mingle with almost 1000 lawful firearms owners and voters on Long Island at one time.

It really is in your own best interest to attend and learn what these people think and mingle with them. The Second Amendment has been confirmed to be an individual citizens’ right as spelled out in the US Supreme Court Decision in the Heller Case and further confirmed to be an individual right in all States and municipalities in the USA by the McDonald-V-City of Chicago decision.

You will get the latest information on your Firearm Civil Rights nationwide and locally. You will meet and network with fellow activists, sportsmen and women concerning your civil rights and those of your children and grand children. This Conference will raise issues of concern and provide suggested courses of action with local and national legislators from all levels of government. Those who attend can Win valuable prizes worth thousands of dollars (GUNS) in exclusive drawings limited to conference attendees only (that’s you).


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