A Bobwhite Declaration Envisioning the Next 10 Years

By Don McKenzie, NBCI Director
Adapted from a plenary presentation at the National Bobwhite Technical Committee Annual Meeting.

National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative
National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative

Abilene, TX –-(Ammoland.com)- Ten years ago, the bobwhite conservation world transformed. When the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) was published in 2002, no one could foresee where it would lead, or how far it might take us.

But, thanks to the NBCI, the collective quail conservation world clearly is more energized, organized, focused and productive than ever.

But, just as the quail conservation star was rising, the NBCI hit a “perfect storm.” The U.S. economy collapsed into an extended recession. State wildlife agency budgets and staff were cut sharply, reducing the states’ capacity at the very time the NBCI needed increased investment and action. Charitable giving to conservation organizations likewise ebbed. Meanwhile, bobwhites continue to decline in every single state across the species’ range.

We mark the NBCI’s 10 th anniversary this year with mixed feelings, acknowledging our unprecedented progress and successes, even in the context of conflicting gains and challenges. However, the more important question for the NBCI relates to the next 10 years.

To stimulate strategic thinking and introspection by many who share the passion for bobwhites and grassland birds, I offer the following aggressive and optimistic vision for how the next decade could – and should – unfold for the NBCI.

This vision is built upon the NBCI’s big-picture “pyramid strategy” that highlights the multiple, interdependent layers of partnership engagement and collaboration necessary for ultimate succeses…

A Bobwhite Declaration Envisioning the Next 10 Years

The National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI) is the unified strategic effort of 25 state fish and wildlife agencies and various conservation organizations – all under the umbrella of the National Bobwhite Technical Committee – to restore wild populations of bobwhite quail in this country to levels comparable to 1980. Visit: www.bringbackbobwhites.org

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