AR15.COM – Rockcastle 3-Gun Pro-Am RoundUp

AR15.COM Rockcastle 3-Gun Pro-Am Longrange Steel
One of the stages that incorporated both close targets and longer range rifle steel.
AR15.COM - Rockcastle 3-Gun Pro-Am
AR15.COM – Rockcastle 3-Gun Pro-Am

Honeoye Falls, NY –( There is no other way to start talking about this year's AR15.COM Rockcastle 3-Gun ProAm than to thank all of those responsible for making it happen.

Thanks to all the sponsors, staff and volunteers who have put this together, all the shooters and attendees who make it fun, and everyone else that was a part of this weekend!

It is without a doubt one of the two largest events on the AR15.COM calendar. With SHOT Show being more work than pleasure, the ProAM is by far the favorite of the two to attend.

With last-year's event being the largest 3-gun competition ever, this year had to beat it and it did so by nearly 100 shooters! This of course caused a few glitches, as some of the stages took a bit longer to complete than expected. This caused some delays particularly on the first day, but most people used the extra time to shoot side matches, browse the vendor tables, and watch others compete.

A variety of exciting stages once again challenged our shooters. From shooting from the confines of a vehicle to reaching out on some longer range steel, there was surely something to challenge even the most experienced shooters.

If you have not yet attended one of the two AR15.COM Rockcastle ProAm Championships, I will recommend that you start planning for next year's event (August 2013). We are already hard at work building on this year's lessons, and let's just say next year definitely be our biggest event yet.

For those that have competed, there is not a more fun shooting sport than 3-gun. The stages set up at Rockcastle are put together by some of the best folks in the industry and are not just fun, but challenging as well. It was obvious in the details that they considered every angle and advantage a shooter might take to get around the course.

Between stages, or for those who came to watch and not compete, side stages included those set up by Alexander Arms to shoot a 6.5 Grendel @ 650+ yds, machine gun shooting both from AR15.COM and Red Jacket, and let's not forget the cave shoot featuring AAC suppressed .45s using night vision and IR lasers from TNVC!

Throughout the day vendor tables afforded attendees a chance to upgrade their gear, get custom hearing protection made, or buy new gear. Magpul, Samson, Barrett, Armalite, Spikes Tactical, BlueLine Gear, Nordic Components, MGM Targets, and DSG Arms are some of the names.

AR15.COM Rockcastle 3-Gun Pro-Am Vendors
Throughout the weekend, vendors tables afforded attendees everything from free ammo fill-ups to complete guns.

Special thanks to Freedom Munitions for providing not only free-magazine fills in your choice of ammo and sponsorship of the event but for donating the nearly 7,000 rounds that were fired by guests through the two AR15.COM prototypes in full-auto.

Donations and fundraisers throughout the weekend went to various leo and military organizations with several presentations made. In addition there were a number of disabled vets shooting the various stages, and it was an honor to be able to shoot alongside such heroes.

Each night attendees were treated to dinner, shopping, mingling, and even free beer thanks to event sponsors. There is no other facility that allows for everyone to shoot, eat, drink, and socialize all in the same place like the Rockcastle Shooting Center.

Saturday and Sunday are the award ceremonies where every shooter is awarded a prize package. These range in value from several thousand to about the value of an entry fee, so once again for those who haven't shot before, this is another motivator to make a change next year and sign up!

The Rockcastle Shooting Center combines ranges, food, drink, lodging, vendors, and prizes!

Anyway, bottom line is that the AR15.COM Rockcastle 3-Gun ProAm Championship is a great place to be with like-minded people. Not only do you get to shoot, shop, win, eat, drink and so on, but you get to do it alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

From sponsors like Brownells, Hornady, and the many others mentioned above, to the biggest competitors in shooting sports, the AR15.COM RTGPAC is the place to be! See you next year…

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