Associated Press Abandons Accuracy to Bash Romney

AP Rpmney Photo
Associated Press Abandons Accuracy to Bash Romney

PHOENIX, AZ –-( In a move that no longer surprises anyone, but which the casual observer (you) no longer sees, the Associated Press abandons accuracy for reasons which remain unclear.

The lamestream media told you:  “Looking to renew his campaign, GOP candidate Mitt Romney boards his campaign plane in San Diego to Saturday”

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Read the caption again — It does not describe the photo.

With total disregard for their readers or for journalistic integrity, the AP, similar to their colleagues in other forms of “news” media, will tell you one thing while showing you something completely unrelated, and the sheeple simply soak it up.

An accurate caption for the photo above would have to abandon the first clause (“Looking to renew his campaign”), because it has no connection to the photo whatsoever. It is actually a backhanded slap and editorial judgment, suggesting something is wrong and this man’s campaign is hurting, giving advantage to the man he is challenging. The remaining portion, if accuracy were any concern, would have to read, “GOP presidential candidate Romney handles his coat by the door of a vehicle,” showing how vapid a picture the vaunted AP chose to use in showing a man running for the most powerful office on the planet (we do own the most H-Bombs).

He is not shown boarding a plane. He is not boarding anything. It is not even clear from the photo that he is at an airport, or that it is Saturday, or that he is in San Diego, we just have to, hmm, take AP’s word for it, whatever that’s worth.

Using this photo caption as a guide, it isn’t worth much. No correction is expected. The AP has become a national disgrace.


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Bob Moore

You're right to say that the first clause in the caption is opinionated and misleading. It is.

However, I think it is more accurate to conclude that the AP accidentally put the wrong photo with the caption. It's much more likely that an honest mistake happened, than stating that the photo is part of a vapid conspiracy.

I'm not saying that the AP and the rest of the old media are not trying to get Obama elected. Their bias is blatantly obvious. However the incorrect photo was just an honest mistake.


Maybe the car was in the parking lot at the airport…maybe they were at McDonalds. It really doesn't matter. The media, the powers that be are not going to allow Romney or anyone else to win this election. Only Obummer can win this election. Our future will be uncertain. God be with us.