National Firearms Dealer Network Revolutionizes the Firearms Industry

Largest Firearms Inventory in the World Online.

National Firearms Dealer Network
National Firearms Dealer Network
National Firearms Dealer Network
National Firearms Dealer Network

Scottsdale, AZ –-(  A recent technology breakthrough has transformed the shopping experience for gun enthusiasts across the country. National Firearms Dealer NetworkFDN (National Firearms Dealer Network) has teamed with leading manufacturers and distributors to establish the world’s first firearms shopping mall.

The mall provides instant access to the largest firearms inventory in the world through hundreds of manufacturers’ storefronts. It’s a new paradigm for gun enthusiasts that makes shopping for firearms and accessories more convenient than ever before.

Dealers who are members of NFDN have immediate access to over $300 million of inventory thereby virtually eliminating the limitations of traditional store hours and the disappointments of “out of stock” availability. Through live data streaming technology, consumers have immediate access to over 50,000 firearms and accessory SKUs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The network efficiently and strategically aligns manufacturers, distributors and dealers together to give buyers an unprecedented shopping experience.

“We’ll see a major shift in advertising strategies in the coming days and months.” predicts NFDN President Larry Davis. “A fundamental marketing principal has always been the best customer service is “in-stock.” When it comes to available inventory, bigger is better. That makes NFDN the leader in the industry.”

When shoppers place an online firearms order through a Dealer Storefront, the built-in fulfillment process begins and the item is quickly shipped to the dealer from the distributor for convenient pick up. Consumers can instantly see any item’s availability and price. With this revolutionary ecommerce model, dealers have the freedom to set their own prices and consumers can often bypass firearms transfer charges typically associated with online purchasing.

NFDN’s technology also includes EGOSS, a password secure, cloud based, easy-to-use firearms record keeping tool that meets or exceeds all ATF requirements. By providing EGOSS and the firearms mall, NFDN has developed the most innovative ecommerce package available for gun dealers.

Consumers can shop the NFDN Mall at

Dealers interested in joining the National Firearms Dealer Network can go to for more information.

  • 5 thoughts on “National Firearms Dealer Network Revolutionizes the Firearms Industry

    1. I am in search for a .410 gauge double side by side shot gun….new or used.

      Possibly you have the e-mail blast ability to alert your gun dealers network of my search and if they have that gun (new or used) available, to contact me ?

      I am living in Bonita Springs (Naples) Florida, am a member of our local gun club and a senior citizen.

      If you cannot personally assist me, possibly you would have a suggestion on “where” to get the e-mail word out of my .410 shotgun search.

    2. We are an AR manufacturer and we’re looking to grow the brand, but not through Distribution. Would this be a good option? There are not many reviews on them and they’ve been around since 2012.

      We’re selling full builds and components.

    3. Purchased some Magpul accessorizes online through the network, picked them up at USautoweapons here in AZ, no problem. Maybe some stores pay better attention to their orders than others

    4. This revolutionizes nothing at all. Thinking about joining and after seeing the shipping rates I would only use them if they were the last place on earth. They double ship which all falls back on the customer. Terrible way of doing business. The ammo and mags are also far over priced. Unless you can have it shipped to a local nfdn shop for free shipping it's a total waste. Extremely disappointed. If it sounds too good to be true, it always is.

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