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Nature Blinds TreeBlind
Nature Blinds TreeBlind
Nature Blinds
Nature Blinds

COLUMBUS, Georgia –-( The TreeBlind by Nature Blinds is quickly becoming the hottest ground blind on the market.

It looks exactly like a real tree you'd find in nature, because that's where the artist that created it went for the design.

With a background in set design and passion for hunting, Tim Thomason decided to create a better way to hunt after being busted one too many times in box blinds.

He spent countless hours taking molds from nature to make a product that closely duplicates God's creation as humanly possible. Nature Blinds uses high-tech materials foreign to the hunting world, but familiar to Hollywood and major theme parks to create hunting magic we can all enjoy.

The result? A lightweight, extremely durable, fully-insulated, weatherproof, soundproof and scent-proof masterpiece that looks and feels so real that bucks may rub on it, while you're inside. Each blind is hand-made in Kerrville, Tex.

Hunting from a tree is good, but hunting from inside a tree? That's the ultimate.

TreeBlind features include:

  • One-Way View Windows: You can see out, but animals can't see in. From outside, the windows look like bark.
  • Silent Window Operation: A magnetic pulley system glides the windows open and close without a sound.
  • Bow or Rifle Compatible: Roomy enough to fully draw a bow with a guide or cameraman inside. Rifle hunting in the blind is a piece of cake.
  • Blacked-Out Interior: Hunters are hidden in the deep shadows inside even with the window open.
  • Six Windows: 360-degree views, or upgrade to an eight-window filming version.
  • UV Safe: Material is permanently color impregnated and hand-detail paint has a 15 year UV life.
  • Fully Insulated:  4″ thick closed-cell foam-core walls make it the most insulated blind on the market. It's warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Locking Door: Keeps people and critters out when you're not around.
  • Fully Carpeted Floor: Quiet and comfy.
  • Drainage System: Ports along roof and windows make sure no standing water can accumulate.
  • Integrated Stake: Down Holes- Built into the blind body, allow you to securely fasten blind to the ground.
  • Lightweight: The one-piece, seamless unit weighs in at a svelte 320 pounds.
  • Hidden Dome Roof: Super strong roof can support snow loads with ease.
  • Durable: They're made to last for decades, just like major theme park installations.
  • Accommodates two to three hunters

Learn more about the TreeBlind, or find a dealer near you at or ‘like' their Facebook page at for all their latest developments from the field.

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