Sasquatch DNA & New Videos is BigFoot a Real Animal?

By Fred Riehl

Sasquatch DNA, New Video is BigFoot a Real Animal? BigFoot close up photo by Todd Standing
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Manasquan, NJ –-( We cover a lot of serious hunting and conservation topics at AmmoLand Shooting Sports News, and along with the common hunting game records and scientific studies related to conservation, we have seen an increasing number of mentions of Sasquatch or Bigfoot by reputable, well respected organizations.

Could we be on the cusp of a real scientific discovery debunking what we always assumed was the myth of a big hairy ape living right under our noses?

Some of those organization who’s interest in Bigfoot might make you step back and take a second look at the idea of a North American Ape include National Geo Graphic, Nature Magazine and Oxford University.

The prestigious Oxford University has an active study looking to identify Bigfoot DNA.

“A new university-backed project aims to investigate cryptic species such as the yeti whose existence is unproven, through genetic testing.

Researchers from Oxford University and the Lausanne Museum of Zoology are asking anyone with a collection of cryptozoological material to submit descriptions of it. The researchers will then ask for hair and other samples for genetic identification.”

A competing Bigfoot DNA study by a Dr. Melba Ketchum is privately funded in the USA and said to be in peer review and it is rumored that it will be published in Nature Magazine. Leaks from this study are pointing to DNA findings from multiple new species of ape man,  a Bigfoot another call the Dogman.

Reports from around the web that either of these studies may be producing real scientific proof of an unknown creature may be what has jump started the venerable National Geographic Magazine to step up its reporting into a Bigfoot creature also know as Swamp Ape, Grassman, Dogman, Alma, Yeti and of course Sasquatch

Knowing that the number of unknown species in the world is still surprisingly high it is not unreasonable to believe that large hominid could be living in North America.

But what would the existence of a bigfoot or “blobsquatch” (maybe he is a giant blurry creature and it is not the cameras fault) mean to fish and game units across the USA. Would they need to be managed? Could I apply for a Bigfoot Game Permit? Would they be added to Endangered Species list. Would we have wacko preservationist groups make them their newest fundraising cause celeb like wolves?

Real or not the cool thing about the idea of a bigfoot is the unknown or the mystery of something unknown in the wild woods with me.

Oh well it is fun to speculate, but if scientist do go on record saying they have the DNA of an unknown ape creature you can say you heard it hear first.

PS: What gun do you think would be best for when I get my first Sasquatch tag? Leave me a comment below.

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Stephanie Goodman

The Ancient People Of The Forest Do Live. Just wait and you will see.


It will be interesting to see the reaction of the establish scientific institutions that for decades have denied and ridicule the posible existant of a Sascuacht specie. If the research does prove it, can we trust again this institutions and there methods? I bet they will be running to apperar in front of the un-educated as the one how legit the find. In regards to were the specie fit in our evolution I feel it will be a ancient relative that have mix breed with modern Humans in the past or even our inmediat ancestor. You wont be able to… Read more »

Tim Fasano

When people realize Ketchum, Paulades, Grimlin and Patterson were ALL HOAXERS the world will be better place. No paper will ever surface…a legit one anyway.

Jesus Christ
David Paulides

Apeman? Where did Fredy hear this??? I am a 20 year retired police officer and the head of the group that started the DNA Project in the United States ( <a href="” target=”_blank”> I can guarantee there is not one shred of evidence of a wild ape in north America, none! There have never been hairs fibers, skin, bone, etc that point to a wild ape living in the states or Canada. Our organization did collect dozens of bigfoot/sasquatch hair and other physical evidence. The hair fibers were analyzed by a hair and fiber expert and match nothing known to… Read more »


Having just read the comments I agree with Tred, give the author a break, it sounds like you are a believer in Bigfoot, but you are nit picking the article when you should be happy that coverage of this topic is even getting exposure. Many of the readers here they will say they heard it hear first, because they did, as this topic does not have any main stream coverage.

Tred Law

– So when National Geographic says that '86 Percent of Earth's Species Still Unknown?' they have no idea what they are talking about because, with your logic, they are unknown. That is just wrong, science can definitely estimate based on mathematical extrapolation how many species we can expect to find and would be currently unknown.

Tom Williams

I am an NRA member and avid hunter, that being said if you research the photo and photographer(todd standing)that you placed in your article you wil find that he is a known hoaxer and his pictures have been debunked by bigfoot enthusiasts, he has no credibiity among respected organizations. You wrote : " Could we be on the cusp of a real scientific discovery debunking what we always assumed was the myth of a big hairy ape living right under our noses?" why do you assume that all of your readers think its a myth? More than half the population… Read more »


Better make it a tranq gun, because when (not if) a body is finally obtained I think they'll find it's probably closer to human DNA than primate. You might end up facing murder charges. That seems to be a common theme, that people think (granted they accept sasquatches as real) that it's just a stupid ape running cluelessly around the forest, when it's an intelligent, cunning primate that knows its territory inside and out, and has avoided humans for centuries. That being said, no, I'm not a gun person, but I don't really have anything against guns aside from some… Read more »