USA-Made Product Instrumental in World Archery Competition

USA-Made Product Instrumental in World Archery Competition
USA-Made Product Instrumental in World Archery Competition
Easton Archery
Easton Archery

Salt Lake City, Utah –-( Globalization has led the trend to offshore manufacturing of many of the products that were once made domestically.

One exception is the Easton X10—the arrow used by athletes for the world’s highest level of archery competition.

In fact, a full line of hunting and target products, including the X10, come off the line every day at Easton’s facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The made-in-USA X10 shaft was introduced for the Atlanta Olympic Games and it has been used to win every Olympic title since. This unbroken record is a testament to the Easton drive to produce the most advanced products in the world and remain cutting edge and competitive. Archery athletes from all 40 nations represented at the 2012 Games, chose X10 shafts and again were successful in taking every Olympic archery title.

“We are extremely proud to be the maker of made-in-USA Olympic arrow shafts,” said Shane Michelli, President of Easton. “The technology, engineering, and science that’s required to produce an arrow as advanced as X10, trickles down and improves every archery product we make at our factories in Utah and Indiana.”

Founded in 1922, Easton has grown to employ well over 400 workers in its U.S. arrow manufacturing facilities. There they produce a complete range of archery products for both the competition and bowhunting markets and many of those employees are enthusiastic archers and bowhunters themselves.

“Hands-on experience with the product gives our team an advantage,” Michelli continued, “understanding what archers need drives the innovation that’s essential to develop the most advanced new products for shooters around the world.”

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