Fill the Freezer – All Whitetails in November Issue of North American Hunter

2012 November Issue of North American Hunter
2012 November Issue of North American Hunter
North American Hunting Club
North American Hunting Club

Minnetonka, MN –-( You wait for this. You work for this. You live for this. It’s time to fill the freezer and dedicate your fall pursuits to the white-tailed deer.

In November’s issue of North American Hunter, its pages are full of whitetail action with the latest on rack rules and tips and tricks to ensure your success in the woods. Additionally, Editor-in-Chief Gordy Krahn reminds readers to educate themselves for the upcoming election. North American Hunter is a member-exclusive magazine of the North American Hunting Club, the premier community for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

“Deer season isn’t a fierce afternoon storm; it’s a prevailing wind of passion, hard work and determination,” said Gordy Krahn, Editor-in-Chief of North American Hunter. “It’s also the time of year when our office is extremely busy as editors and TV hosts are in the stands doing what we all love to do the most: hunt.”

Articles in this month’s issue include: “Whitetail Pursuits” by Brad Fenson, Luke Hartle and Justin Sloan—three exciting deer hunts from 2012; “Antler Math” by Scott Bestul on the recent trend of antler point restrictions; and “Deer Cartridge Delusions” by Richard Mann on why bigger cartridges aren’t always better for whitetails. And check out Jeff Foxworthy’s column, “Parting Shots” with his experience on “The Moment of Truth.”

Also in this issue is a reminder by Krahn to get out and vote on November 6 with North American Hunter’s One Voice. One Vote. campaign. Become an educated voter by visiting There, you can read up on the latest coverage with J.R. Absher’s blog “Headline Hunter” and other educational materials.

And don’t miss the “” teasers, which in this issue can be found on page six.

“I was fortunate to kill a mature whitetail on my family’s farm in central Minnesota this fall, so I’ll tell that story online,” said North American Hunter Web Editor Josh Dahlke. “We’ll also share hunting stories from American troops and provide an inside look at the war in Afghanistan.”

Readers can easily navigate to “Online Exclusives” from the magazine with quick-access Web addresses or by scanning QR codes.

Regular columns include, “Out West,” with this issue focused on black-tailed deer of the Pacific Coast, and, of course, Tom Miranda continues to bring insightful archery tips in his “Bowhunting” column.

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About North American Hunting Club: With 750,000 enthusiastic members, North American Hunting Club—through its official publication, North American Hunter—strives to increase the hunting skills and enjoyment of Club members. The NAHC’s mission is to serve as a one-stop source where avid hunters from across North America can satisfy all their hunting needs. The Club also acts as a vehicle through which hunters from all points of the compass can communicate—sharing success stories, photos and videos through the magazine, website and the social network. For more information on the NAHC, visit:

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On page 46 is the story about Deer Cartridge Delusions, You tell the person that wrote this story, Any time he wants to go out hunting, I will take one of three of my 270-rifles and we will see,how it drops deer in there tracks, I have never lost a deer with any of my rifles,And for age goes, I have more time on the rifle range than his will ever have,