Chipmunk, Punky, Sometimes Jenny, and Me Tater Knob Tales by J. Wayne Fears

Chipmunk, Punky, Sometimes Jenny, and Me
Chipmunk, Punky, Sometimes Jenny, and Me

Pottstown PA –-( For several years award winning author J. Wayne Fears has written his comic tall tales about growing up poor around Tater Knob Mountain in north Alabama.

They have been hits in magazines such as Progressive Farmer, GunHunter and Great Days Outdoors.

Now he has compiled many of the folksy tales, which have the outdoor humor similar to Pat McManus with the rural nostalgic, philosophical rural touch similar to Ferrol Sams, into an e-book entitled ‘Chipmunk, Punky, Sometimes Jenny and Me.’

These short stories takes you on boyhood adventures and misadventures that include hunting trophy green hole possums, fishing for hornyheads, defeating ginseng thieves, attending flea infested weddings, trapping black panther’s and disturbing Maude Culpepper’s ghost.

You will get to know boyhood chums Chipmunk, Punky, Jenny, Snake, Dutch, Ball Ping and many more as they search for ways to become rich and famous in the outdoors.

Each tale in this collection of short stories will keep the reader coming back for more. Chipmunk, Punky, Sometimes Jenny and Me transports the reader to a simpler place-in-time, and keeps him laughing all the way. This is a Kindle e-book to keep by the reading chair or on the nightstand for a humorous daily escape into the adventures of the Tater Knob gang.

For just $3.99, this book can be downloaded for Kindle, computer or Smartphone, I-pad, etc. Purchase at .

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J. Wayne Fears
J. Wayne Fears

About the Author
J. Wayne Fears has been an outdoor writer for over four decades. During that period of time he has written for most of the major outdoor magazines. He has authored over 5800 outdoor magazine articles and 29 books on a variety of outdoor subjects including hunting, fishing, canoeing, cooking, wildlife management and backcountry survival. He has received numerous awards for his writing and conservation work. He was voted into the Explorers Club and in 2012 he was enshrined into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame. To learn more about him and his other writings go to