Gun ‘Buybacks’ Endanger Citizens, Help Crooks and Crooked Officials

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USA –-( Forget that the city of Haverhill, MA never owned the guns in the first place, so the concept of conducting a “buyback” is a fraud right from the start. The entire business of encouraging citizens to turn in guns for “gift cards” (again a misnomer, since it’s an exchange, not a present) endangers participants and can actually enable criminals.

“The idea is to cut down on the amount of potential guns that could be stolen during house breaks,” the mayor is quoted as saying. If someone were breaking into their house, would the people he’s appealing to not wish to have the means to protect themselves and their loved ones?  Would Hizzoner?

It’s true that those who have no desire to get the right training to be able to safely own a gun have the right to just get rid of the thing, whether the decision to forgo an effective tool for self-defense is a prudent one or not. But those are the very people who should not be handling a gun, let alone transporting it to a turn-in location—without adequate instruction on how to safely do both, they’re endangering not only themselves but everyone around them, and breaking state law to boot.

It’s also true that “no questions asked” is an incentive for people in possession of stolen guns to get rewarded for their crimes, and with considerably less risk than dealing with dangerous underworld purchasers. It’s also a great way to get rid of a murder weapon, with guaranteed immunity. Another possibility—and I’m waiting for some savvy criminal to try this one out—is if they’re arrested for “illegal” possession on the day a “buyback” is taking place to claim they were transporting it to the turn-in, that no training was provided on lawful transport, and they were promised no questions would be asked.

Meanwhile, the predatory criminals responsible for the violence will remain armed to the teeth, and ambitious politicians and in-their-pocket police chiefs, who are utterly powerless to do anything about that, will continue going after the law-abiding, and doing their utmost to render them powerless to fight back. And when another hapless constituent predictably becomes a victim, they’ll play it up for all it’s worth to “justify” their insatiable quest for yet more control and yet more power…

More “Buyback” Insanity:

David Codrea
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About David Codrea:
David Codrea is a long-time gun rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He is a field editor for GUNS Magazine, and a blogger at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance. Read more at

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Never Again!

“The idea is to cut down on the amount of potential guns that could be stolen during house breaks,” Does this mean that I should stop spending my money on the other material things that I enjoy, too? I mean, criminals covet everything they desire and if some scumbag breaks into MY home, there are a lot more than guns to be stolen. In fact it is my arsenal of GUNS that will prevent theft and end that hypothetical criminal' life and thereby his/her proclivity to crime. I am the only one holding a "monopoly" in MY castle and I… Read more »


You really nailed it with this one. Last Saturday we went out to protest a gun buyback in Phoenixville, PA. Here's the mayor talking stuff about it:

Here are 2 of us protesters:

Regardless, it was a flop with only 4 guns turned in by the time we left an hour before it ended out of utter boredom.


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James A. "Jim&q

These deceitful, damnable, vile immoral "turn

in guns for cash" scams are predicated upon

class warfare! They remind me of a 1918 Bolshevik propaganda poster urging "brainwashing" Russian peasants to surrender their weapons to the murderous Cheka!

The Cheka was the original Soviet Secret Police

established by Lenin in 1918 and was notorious

for perpetrating terror, mass murder, torture,

and state sanctioned slavery upon the unarmed

masses! Has America sunk so low? Too, these

damnable merchants and stores who prostitute

these $50.00 and $100.00 gift cards for guns

deserve to be boycotted, ran out of business,

and ostracized!


The blatant destruction of a firearm is wrong!

I don’t care how poor the condition a firearm is, it should not be destroyed if one single part is usable.

In Illinois we have these ridiculous gun buy backs that only disarm innocent people and give the false impression of keeping us safe.

Its time that ALL gun groups demand a repeal of gun control laws and restore our 2A rights fully


The cops would love nothing better than for you to hand over all your guns. They would have a monopoly on "stopping crime" and would always need more police to fill up the doughnut shops. A police state. When they came for your guns, you said nothing…