Montie Gear GloveShot Slingshot Now Available

Montie Gear GloveShot Slingshot
Montie Gear GloveShot Slingshot
Montie Gear
Montie Gear

Morrisville, NC –-( We have consistently received requests for a slingshot with a brace. In response to those requests, we bring you the GloveShot.

Announcing the GloveShot: High performance and a wrist brace for stability make the Montie Gear GloveShot a great choice for a slingshot. The frame is water jet cut aluminum for strength.

The flat band provides a high performance and accurate shot. Paracord with a 550lb breaking strength is use to wrap the slingshot and for the brace.

The GloveShot is Heirloom Quality, Troublesome Gap Tough and Made in America.

Designed for User Comfort / Adjustable for Right or Left Handed. Unscrew two knobs to break down for storage in your pack

Heirloom Quality
Many products in today’s world are meant to have a limited life time.  A good example is that cell phone that you need to replace every two years.  It works great, but over time technology changes and the fragile electronics have a limited lifetime.  We want to design and sell products that have a very long lifetime and may actually get passed along to your kids or grandchildren.  Many rifles get passed along from parent to children, sometimes marking a rite of passage.  Granted a shooting rest isn’t as special as your Grandfather’s rifle.  However, we work to design and sell products that are simple, elegant and high enough quality that you will want to pass them along to your kids or grandchildren.

Troublesome Gap Tough
Troublesome Gap is a place in Western North Carolina, near the peak of Hap Mountains and overlooking Spring Creek, NC.  My parents purchased the property over 40 years ago.  I grew up spending time there.  We cut firewood for heat, picked blackberries and raspberries, and spent some great weekends up there.  Troublesome Gap is remote and rugged, the prefect place to test our products.  Troublesome Gap Tough means that the products are rugged and easy-to-use.  A delicate, hard-to-use product is a liability in the field, so we avoid that by making sure all our products provide a great customer experience and are built to last, even in demanding conditions.

Thank You Coupon
As a thanks for your patronage and as a way to kick off our new slingshot, we’re offering a 20% discount to existing customers who order a Gloveshot before, or on 14 Oct 2012. The coupon code (use when you check out with our purchase on the website – is customerthanks1

About Montie Design:
Montie Design is a collaborative product design and development firm with core competencies in industrial design, mechanical design and fuzzy front end services.

Implementing a client-centric approach in taking products from concept to marketplace, Montie Design balances vision with usability in realizing products that are economical to manufacture, elegant and robust.

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