MT Guns Passes Baton to Chesebro Rifles

Mark Chesebro of Chesebro rifles.
Mark Chesebro of Chesebro rifles.
Chesebro Rifles
Chesebro Rifles

USA –-( After more than 60 years as a competitive target shooter and gunsmith, McLane (Mac) Tilton, proprietor of MT GUNS, is passing the baton to his chief gunsmith/machinist, Mark Chesebro and Chesebro rifles.

“Mark has acquired the assets of MT GUNS and will be its successor. I’m very pleased that Mark is establishing Chesebro Rifles and that he will continue to provide highest quality competition target rifles in the tradition of MT GUNS,” Tilton announced today.

Tilton expressed his complete confidence in Mark’s ability to provide a seamless transition for MT GUNS customers.

“He attended the well-respected gunsmithing course at Yavapai Community College in Prescott, Arizona, followed by four years with Bill Atkinson at H.S. Precision, where he perfected techniques in chambering and rifle smithing. After eight years of general gunsmithing in Everett, Washington and as an aerospace machinist, tool maker and CNC programmer, Mark relocated to Arizona, where he joined the team at Ruger. He came to MT GUNS in 2004 and we were very impressed with his inventive capabilities.

“In 2006, Mark and his wife, Lisa, answered a call from their church to fulfill a three-year teaching mission in Ecuador. When he returned in 2009, he rejoined our team at MT GUNS and has continued to develop his innovative ideas and techniques, including the development of a press to insure perfect alignment when rebarreling Anschutz rifles, as well as a centerfire conversion for BSA Martini rifles. He has also developed an entire system for converting the Anschutz 54 action from a single shot to a magazine-fed repeater. Also, he’s mastered the critical alignment when bedding Vee Blocks for Barnard and Anschuetz actions.”

Chesebro Rifles will continue to build competitive Palma, F-Class, and Benchrest rifles using the Barnard action, as well as the very successful BSA and Anschuetz Rimfire Bench Rifles.

Contact for Mark Chesebro at Chesebro Rifles is: [email protected] Or visit, 805.280.5311

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    1. Hello;
      I have an Izhmash Biathlon 7-2 Basic and I am looking for iron sights that used to be available at MT Guns. I believe the rear sight was made by Air Force and worked well with the Lyman 93 Front Globe sight. Do you have the same set up available for sale? If not, anything you can recommend, I like a rear sight that would work as a set or one that can work with the Lyman 93 (barrel band and all) Thank you mark best regards.


    2. Please help me find the BSA Martini rifles I used 40 years ago as a junior shooter at the Los Angeles Rifle & Revolver Club. I will pay a finder’s fee of $100 to anyone helping me locate the rifles and top dollar to purchase them from whoever has the rifles now. I have photos with the rifles which I can send upon request. The Martini in the first photo is a MK 1V with a custom stainless steel Karl Kenyon barrel and the other in the second photo is a MK III with a stainless steel barrel which George Vartanian fluted as you can see in the photo. Both rifles have custom cheek pieces. I sold the MK IV to Steve Dember around 1985 and he says he sold it to Max Miller of Fullerton. My name was Clark Harris when I owned the rifles in the 70’s. Please contact Gursant Singh at 505 903 2675 or e-mail me at: [email protected] with any info about the whereabouts of the rifles.

    3. Dear Mark,

      Per our conversation on Thursday, November 1, 2012 concerning rebarreling my suhl 150 standard rifle, I would like to please have the your address to send the barrel action and check to you.

      Hoping to hear from you very soon.

      John Power

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