Obama Calls For New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban In 2nd Presidential Debate

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USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Almost on a weekly basis I read somewhere that Barack Obama and the Democrats will not pursue more gun “control” should the President be reelected.

President Obama’s supposed “inaction” during his first term is brought up as “evidence” of this.

Yet, as I pointed out back on September 6, the Democratic Party’s 2012 National Platform that was approved at their National Convention called for “reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing the gun show loophole.”

Excuse me, but that’s pushing for a gun ban and more gun “control,” if I’m not mistaken!!

Any remaining doubts about President Obama and the Democrats wanting more regulations placed on firearms should have been dispelled last night in the second of a series of U.S. Presidential debates. When asked what his administration has “done or plan to do to limit the availability of assault weapons,” the sitting U.S. President replied:

So my belief is that A, we have to enforce the laws we’ve already got, make sure that we’re keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, those who are mentally ill. We’ve done a much better job in terms of background checks, but we’ve got more to do when it comes to enforcement.

But I also share your belief that weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theaters don’t belong on our streets. And so what I’m trying to do is to get a broader conversation about how do we reduce the violence generally. Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced, but part of it is also looking at other sources of the violence, because frankly, in my hometown of Chicago, there’s an awful lot of violence, and they’re not using AK-47s, they’re using cheap handguns.

(Editor’s note: Italics added for emphasis)

“Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced.”

Once again, calling for a new gun ban. Two times. Two months.

At this point, no one can honestly say Barack Obama and the Democrats don’t plan on pushing for more gun “control” should the President be reelected without looking incredibly stupid.

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  • 4 thoughts on “Obama Calls For New ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban In 2nd Presidential Debate

    1. Our right to bear arms is a God-given right that which mustn’t be taken away by man. Barry Soetoro (Barack Hussein Obama) has absolutely no business doing this. Even if he took away guns there would still be criminals and much worse criminality. There would be a thriving black market. We need firearms to defend ourselves and our properties. The truth of the matter is that people must learn on their own individually what’s right and wrong even in abusing a firearm. I’m sorry but this is slow and tedious process, no quick way about it. The Human Race still has a long way to go before we even begin to contemplate giving up our guns. The nations will learn righteousness as prophesied in The Book of Isaiah.

      Young’s Literal Translation

      Isaiah 26:9

      9: `With’ my soul I desired Thee in the night, Also, `with’ my spirit within me I seek Thee earnestly, For when Thy judgments `are’ on the earth, The inhabitants of the world have learned righteousness.

      When the nations learn to love their fellow man, when they live life by The Word of God, then and only then do we have not any need for guns, let alone weapons of any kind. In the meantime, We the People of the United States of America must hold fast to our faith in God. We the People of the United States of America must hold fast to the Second Amendment and the Constitution as a whole.

      Men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces have taken an oath or affirmation to defend The Constitution of The United States and their respected State from all enemies, foreign and domestic, must good on their oath The oath also says they must obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over them, according to law and regulations. With that being said, there’s one very important question that has crossed my mind and it holds a great concern to me and so many others. What does a U.S. soldier do when he’s faced with an all too real choice between coming to the aid of U.S. civilians that are unarmed and in need of assistance or firing on innocents just to obey their higher officers and an illegitimate president who has put the country into a transitional phase from democratic-republic to a communist, corporatist or socialist nation and a rogue federal government that has likewise gone amuck? What does a U.S. soldier do if they see police or military police, fema or other department of homeland security agents, other federal agents or un troops on U.S. Soil, firing on or bullying helpless civilians, some of whom are simply going about their daily routines. They need help the civilians of course. However, this will be a difficult choice for them and I’m hoping that they will make the right choice if that time comes, which it probably will. If they didn’t then I’d expect nothing less than Americanization under a 4th reich-like state here in the U.S.A. After all, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently bought 1.6 billion hollow-point bullets. This is a frightening amount to say the least. I know that buying up that much ammunition is not just for play. They mean business. Now, I don’t jump to conclusions but do my research and know that this is either meant for their war against the American people and in doing so to confiscate guns or to ward off an invasion from another country or both. Reader, please keep in mind that one of the first if not the first steps toward a dictatorship is to strip the populace of guns and ammo and other weapons. If the time comes you must be ready and willing to take up arms against a rogue federal government gone amuck and un troops. Imagine not being able to live in peace because every waking second is left to wondering if your rogue government will kill and those you know because their eye color or where they were yesterday or so many millions of things that you haven’t done wrong. After all the un has offered little to no help to the syrian people while they are being massacred left and right and said to have taken refuge in neighboring Turkey. Could one expect any more from them toward u.s.? NO.
      Something big is coming to America and I’m not sure if this is going to be an invasion, financial collapse, civil war, or another revolution. Who knows? We may infact have another civil war at the same time as an invasion or another revolution at the same time or any number of combinations of events. Let the Wonderful Counselor, The Holy Spirit guide you to all things good and righteous in the sight of God and give praise to our Father in Heaven.

      Concordant Literal Translation

      Ephesians 5:17-20

      17 Therefore do not become imprudent, but understand what the will of the Lord is.
      18 And be not drunk with wine, in which is profligacy, but be filled full with spirit,
      19 speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and playing music in your hearts to the Lord,
      20 giving thanks always for all things, in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ,

      Let’s be honest, not everyone in the United States of America is brave but our country is what it is today because of the bravery of the few. LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE. Thank you for your time reader, don’t let your love cool but let it be warm and God Bless.

    2. taking guns away from private citizens could trigger an all out revolution , problem is few beleive it will really happen ,,only way out is to NOT re elect the bastard

    3. Absolutely Eglyntine…gun confiscation is necesary for obama's future plans. For those who still believe that obama is a temporary gremlin in our country…ya'll are in for a big big surprise.

    4. I think a lot of ppl over-looked his implication of going after handguns with his comment, "… but part of it is also looking at other sources of the violence, because frankly, in my hometown of Chicago, there’s an awful lot of violence, and they’re not using AK-47s, they’re using cheap handguns."

      This was a VERY telling statement. Also all of those ppl saying that these recent shootings i.e. Colorado, etc. was not going to give Obama a platform to push for gun control was proven wrong last night as well. This was the very excuse he used for his "re-thinking" of the gun control laws. Anyone who thinks he will not go full on gun ban during his second term bettered wake up quick.

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