Eagle Scout Project Takes on Restoration of the Historic Wilson Hill Pistol Club

Wilson Hill Pistol Club NJ
Eagle Scout Project Takes on Restoration of the Historic Wilson Hill Pistol Club
Evan Nappen
Evan Nappen

Manchester, NH – -(Ammoland.com)- Nathanael “Teddy” Nappen, Troop 75 Bow, Daniel Webster Council, has completed his Eagle Scout Service Project, which was to help restore the historic Wilson Hill Pistol Club located at 1732 Lake Shore Road in Manchester.

This indoor shooting club provides firearm safety training and marksmanship skills to the public and is a non-profit organization. Scouts can also earn their rifle merit badge at this club.

The building was built in 1948, and the exterior was in disrepair.

Teddy was assisted in the restoration project by 24 volunteers, of whom the majority were scouts and scout parents from Troop 75.

The Scoutmaster of Troop 75 is Andrew Richardson. Eben Herrick of Ciment Québec, Inc. sandblasted and epoxy painted the steel security grates at no charge.

Nathanael “Teddy” Nappen
Nathanael “Teddy” Nappen

Richard Stelmach of Hooksett made the new wooden club sign at no charge. Teddy worked closely with Herb Edwards, a club member, in coordinating the work being done. The grounds were first cleaned, with rubbish and debris removed by the volunteers. Next the building was primed and the grates removed. Then painting began on the building and trim. The iron railings were also painted. The new wooden sign was painted by the scouts. The grates and the sign were re-installed.

Teddy has earned his rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, and archery merit badges. He is 16 years old and a Junior on the Honor Roll at Bow High School. He is also a Varsity Football player for the Bow Falcons. He plays as a Defensive Tackle.

When asked why he chose this as an Eagle Scout Project, he said, “I have always loved to go target shooting at Wilson Hill with my Dad. When I saw that the gun club really needed some repair and restoration, I thought this would be a worthwhile service project.”

Evan Nappen (www.EvanNappen.com) is a criminal defense attorney who has focused on New Jersey firearms and weapons law for over 23 years. He is the author of the New Jersey Gun Law Guide. Visit his website at www.EvanNappen.com

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Great project, it looks good as new. Nice to know there are still children with good values that enjoy the shooting sports.


I went to boy's camp in Maine over 55 years ago & a camper there named Teddy Nappen. He would be late 60's. Might be his granddad.

Bob Damon

You have the state wrong, it should be Manchester New Hampshire, not N J.