Scally Hill Mk4 Mod7 the Working Man’s Custom Rifle

Scally Hill Mk4 Mod7 Custom Rifle
Scally Hill Mk4 Mod7 Custom Rifle
Scally Hill
Scally Hill

Michigan –-( Scally Hill Systems set out in 2010 to design the ultimate custom rifle system that is affordable to the working man.

The end result in 2012 was the Mk4 Mod7 system.

The Mk4 has it all; it is available in virtually any color scheme, barrel length, short action caliber, and is fully user adjustable and AR-15 grip and handguard compatible. For the first time, you the customer have control of nearly every aspect of your modern bolt rifle.

Scally Hill Systems has the major parts of the Mk4 system made in West Michigan by expert machinists.

“As a Michigan businessman, I am proud to source the chassis system from Benton Harbor, MI, the barrel nuts from Holland, MI, and the other components from American companies. Keeping it here is important. It is essential to our heritage and our strength. Nothing says America like our weapons, and nothing says weapon like the most modern, lethal system. Putting the best thing in the hands of the best people is what I am all about.” – Josh Wayner

The Mk4 system is available as a custom build on YOUR receiver.

We currently work with the following actions (more will be added in the future):

  • +SAVAGE Short Action, 4.4″ screw spacing, Right Hand, Round Receiver, AccuTrigger
  • +SAVAGE Short Action, 4.275″screw spacing, Right Hand, Round Receiver, AccuTrigger

Scally Hill Systems is dedicated to providing the customer a rifle lacking no modern features.


Fully adjustable machined aluminum chassis with either a folding or fixed stock. Stock is adjustable for length of pull, cheek height, buttplate height, buttplate cant, and features an adjustable bag rider. Right hand only at this time.

  • -Your choice of AR-15 style grip (Magpul MIAD is standard)
  • -Scally Hill Systems proprietary barrel nut
  • -Your choice of AR-15 Style handguard (low profile smooth tube is standard with 2 modular rail sections)
  • – Chassis color of your choice (does not apply to handguard)
  • -Warne optics rail
  • -2: 10 round Alpha Mags magazines (5 round Accuracy International mags available)
  • -Harris Bipod (BRM standard)
  • -Set of adjustment wrenches


More options are available! Visit

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Just checked Scally hill website,these are great prices!