Ammoland Update From The Jersey Shore

Manasquan Beach Front
Manasquan Beach Front

A personal note from Brian Johnson of

I want to thank everyone in the industry for all your emails of kind words and encouragement during this difficult time at Ammoland.  Fred and I take our work very seriously and we pride ourselves in working hard and delivering important Firearms news to our readers every day.  For those who have sent us news releases to be posted too the Ammoland news wire please be patient as we are dilligently working to return to normal operations.

Both Fred and I live at the Jersey Shore which was very hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. Both our towns were completely devistated by the winds, tidal flooding and massive volumes of sand which were moved off our beaches and onto our roadways, in some cases even homes are now located on roadways.

A short walk from my home is complete and utter destruction with homes and all their contents destroyed. Because we do not have internt access, television broadcasting or electricity those of us living in the disaster area do not know the full extent of the damage that you all on the outside have seen through major television broadcasts.  My heart is heavy with the thought that my good friends and neighbors are suffering from this catostophic loss of their homes, possessions and in some cases family memebers.

Brielle Road Manasquan NJ
Brielle Road Manasquan NJ

I will tell you that much can be said of New Jersey residents, some good and some not so good.  But in the town that I live Manasquan and the town that Fred lives in as well, we are small communities of exceptional people who work hard, raise quality children and do amazing things in our personal and professional lives.  We are “Jersey Strong” and proud to be part of the Jersey Shore community.  We will pick up the mess, shovel out the sand, stand together and help those who need food, medicine, ice, gasoline, electric and the necessities that make our community a worth while place to raise a family.  We will rebuild a better Jersey Shore, It will be differnt but it will remain the Jersey Shore.

Please know that Fred and I and our families are fine.  We are helping our neighbors clean up and were doing what is needed here at home to make our communities whole again.  We will return shortly to the work of broadcasting Firearms news and I hope too share with you some of my experince from Hurricane Sandy in the future.

FYI, I am staying in place so that I can cast my important vote on November 6th and I hope that you all will do the same.


Brian Johnson


Beach homes Manasquan NJ
Beach homes Manasquan NJ


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Ernie Boss

I lived in Brick most of my life and spent just about everyday on Manasquan Beach during the summer. Second beach from the inlet. It tears me up to see the Jersey Shore tore up like that. What's sad is now the uber rich are going to be able to buy up all the bungalows and build some obnoxious monstrosity. It's really going to lose it's charm. I made it through Hurricane Charley in Florida. I remember thinking that we would never recover. Five years later, you would never even know it happened. Stay Jersey Strong!


I know what it's like, since I live in the New Orleans area, but it's a real pain. I have prepared certain items that I keep together, just in case of a storm. Lots of what I have done is keeping items around for after a storm, just to make things better. Having to use a generator after a storm is a pain, but it does make things better than not having any electricity at all.


You've got bigger balls than I have- as anti-gun as New Jersey/New York is to live there? I couldn't stand it- I'd punch out someone in the government. Good job! Hope things go better for you

John A.

Hey guys wish you the best of luck. I was from Brick and grew up on the boardwalks. sad!

have been in Fla. since 1965 but still have family in Point but havent heard from them.

we made it thru Andrew and I know what its all about.

God speed.

Patrick Abdo

May God Bless and keep you safe.Prayers from Texas to all in need.

Ricardo Pacetti

Prayers are up.

Alan "Thumpy&qu

Even though we haven't been at it that long, we like to think of the 3-D House of Airsoft as the little brother of the big-guy Real-Steel sites we love to read every day…and, also living in Hurricane Alley just down the coast in NC, we know what hurricanes can do…mentally and physically.

Why its no small pledge to help "neighbors" in need, whether they are on the Altantic Coast…or on the internet…or BOTH.

If we can help you guys, PLEASE let us know!