Black Friday 2012 Gun Sales Break All Records – USA Demands More Guns

The Gun Store in Las Vegas, Nevada
Long lines at the Gun Store in Las Vegas, Nevada as American Demand their access to guns over the Black Friday Shopping Spree.
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Last week’s Black Friday guns sales increased noticeably over last year’s record breaking levels.

The FBI did 154,873 instant background checks on Nov. 23, which is up 20% over the 129,166 background checks they did last year.

But since multiple guns can be sold with each background check, even these impressive numbers do not tell the whole story. There may have been twice as many guns sold as there were background checks performed.

It seems Obama’s pledge to work on gun control “under the radar” has made a lasting impression on the American people. As did his comments during the second presidential debate, wherein he talked of re-instituting the assault weapons ban and pursuing more gun control on a class of cheap firearms (widely understood to be the handguns poorer families buy to defend their families and their real property).

As in 2011, women were increasingly among those buying guns on Black Friday. And first time buyers, whether male or female, were also well represented.

The bottom line: Americans want their guns. And it appears they’re getting them before Obama has the chance to do anything about it.

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Interestingly, sales of food for long-term storage has exploded too, up in what is normally a down time of the year for them. It appears those paying the bills are looking ahead to when the bill can't be paid any longer and protection is only one part of the equation.

Rick O'Shea

The reporter misses another group of citizens which bought firearms without a federal check. People with CHLs which required a complete criminal of the person, like here in Texas, do not have to do the fed check when buying firearms. Furthermore, stores are happy to see the CHL, knowing they don't have to stand around with a thumb up you know where waiting to complete the the phone call.

Bring It.

First of all, obama intends to take away guns you already have (check DNC's proposed gun ban list). Second, we all need to take a lesson from Nancy Reagan. When they want them, just say no. 200+ million gun owners just saying no…what the hell can they do about that? The government only has the power we give them…don't give it to them!