In Pursuit Offers Exciting Big Buck Combo Hunt

In Pursuit with Greg & Jake
In Pursuit with Greg & Jake

PORTSMOUTH, NH –-( This week on In Pursuit with Greg & Jake, Jake takes his Mathews bow to Nebraska for an action-packed hunt during the peak of the rut.

After that, join Mitch Hagen in snowy Minnesota for a late-season hunt with his Thompson/Center muzzleloader.

Once again, the Millers and their fellow whitetail-addicted friends deliver some of the best big buck encounters and intense hunting action you’ll find anywhere. Don’t miss a minute of this action-packed whitetail doubleheader!

Our goal at In Pursuit with Greg & Jake is twofold. First, we strive to bring our viewers hunts that are both entertaining and informative. But just as importantly, many of our hunts are conducted in areas that are accessible and affordable to the average deer hunter. In most of the states we bowhunt, nonresident deer tags are unlimited and available over-the-counter for under $225.00. Access to prime hunting lands in some of these states is still obtainable simply by knocking on doors and asking for permission to hunt. It’s an approach we’ve come to call “Real World Deer Hunting”.

Of course, hunting such places means investing some sweat equity … doing your own scouting and stand site selection and preparation. But that’s exactly how we prefer to do things, because we believe the vast majority of our viewers are like us. They don’t have an unlimited hunt budget, nor do they have access to thousands of acres of privately owned, aggressively managed hunting property. Which is exactly why In Pursuit with Greg & Jake has adopted a real world approach to deer hunting.

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Don Carter

My hat is off to all of you for making a great program. It is allways a pleasure to watch you. Just wanted to say thanks and God Go With You.