MGM Grand Nationals Man on Man on ATSN TV

MGM Targets Grand National Championship – Man on Man
Hosted by Parma Rod & Gun Club, Parma, ID

MGM Grand Nationals Man on Man on ATSN TV
MGM Grand Nationals Man on Man on ATSN TV
American Trigger Sports Network
American Trigger Sports Network

Ventura, CA – -( This week on the Trigger Sports Network, PMGM Target Grand National Championship – Man on Man Camp Parma Rod & Gun Club, Parma, ID

The 2nd Annual MGM Targets Grand Nationals Man on Man proved to be another impressive, competitive and fun MGM match hosting ladies, men and top competitive shooters from all over including Jesse Tischauser, as well as MGM Junior Shooter Camp instructors and last year’s champion, Jerry Miculek, and family.

Under expert match direction of Aaron Goodfellow, as many as 480 shooters competed head to head in the “man on man” format for 15 stages where every shooter shoots every stage in a single elimination style match. This demanding event with a minimum of 300-400 rounds fired for first round eliminated shooters and upwards of 2000 rounds fired by top competitors.

The event is comprised of 12 shooter classes, with five Limited classes, five Open classes and two Revolver classes offering squads for every rank of shooter and some of the best man vs man steel shooting this side of the international date line!

Congratulations to Dennis Wilson who won the title of Grand Champion at this years MGM Targets Grand Nationals with a flawless run to the top!

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