NATMIL Introduces Its New Line Of Body Armor

NATMIL body armor
NATMIL is proud to introduce its new line of body armor.
NATional MILitary Armament Company
NATional MILitary Armament Company

Melville, New York  –-(  NATMIL is proud to introduce its new line of body armor – NATMIL is currently producing seven models including a MOLLE loop tactical vest with NIJ Level IIIA soft armor inserts.

All models are made from a special blend of revolutionary ballistic material known as Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene Fiber (UHMWPE for short) which they fabricate, draw, and weave within their own ISO:9000 facilities.

The material contains many attributes that provide a significant advantage over Kevlar, and over many months of research, the chemical and ballistic engineers were able to optimize the coating of each fiber with specialized materials to better the use of the weaved fiber in ballistic fabric compared to traditional PE or Dyneema NATMIL’s UHMWPE fiber has a higher tensile strength, a lighter weight, and can even stop fast moving sharp objects such as arrows.

The NATMIL series of vests provide the wearer the most possible protection possible in the market today. The ballistic material can withstand multiple hits and still remain flexible. The vest covers the largest body area in its class and can offers full Level IIIA protection without the use of hard armor trauma plates.

In addition wearers of Kevlar vests often encounter problems with the ability of keeping their armor and carrier clean – one of the main points wearers will enjoy is that the waterproof UHMWPE material can be washed without risk of damage to the armor integrity. In addition to the IIIA vest, NATMIL offers a thinner lightweight Level II option in all models.

The carriers themselves are equipped with several Velcro straps around the mid-section and are all independently configurable to allow the user to adjust for comfort and proper fit. In addition to the waist adjustment, all shoulder straps can be adjusted for wearers with longer or shorter torsos.

More information is available on NATMIL’s website at

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I tried to buy the Natmil MK-02 from Motion Kinetic but never got my order nor did I get a refund. I believe the company an its dealers are all out to scam people.


Did you pay by credit card?