Sig Sauer Academy On Gun Talk Television

Sig Sauer Academy
Sig Sauer Academy On Gun Talk Television
Gun Talk Television
Gun Talk Television

Mandeville, LA –-( This week on Gun Talk Television, Tom Gresham goes where top military members and law enforcement officers train – the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire.

While running some typical course drills, Tom and the Sig Sauer instructors put some Sig Sauer handguns and rifles to the test.

With more than 20 ranges and 70 courses to choose from, courses at the Sig Sauer Academy run the gamut from Beginner Handgun to Master Instructor. Working with the Sig Sauer 551-A1 Short Barrel Rifle, the M400, the 1911, the MK 25, the P224 and the P290, instructors Adam Painchaud, Steven Gilcreast and Dylan Kenneson demonstrate drills and practice scenarios like the El Presidente and different conceal carry situations.

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