Tester’s Statement On Blockage of the Sportsmen’s Act by the US Senate

Jon Tester
Jon Tester

(U.S. SENATE) –-(Ammoland.com)- Senator Jon Tester today released the following statement after his bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act failed to overcome a procedural hurdle and receive a final vote to pass.

Tester’s bill, blocked by a party line vote, increases access for hunting and fishing, supports land and species conservation, and protects hunting and fishing rights:

“Along with 90 million sportsmen and women, I’m disappointed that Republicans and Democrats couldn’t work together today to pass this bipartisan bill. Protecting our outdoor traditions and strengthening our outdoor economy shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

This bill will create jobs and strengthen our small businesses, and I will continue pressing to get it through the Senate on behalf of every sportsman and woman around the country.”

Tester’s bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act is supported by more than 50 different conservation and wildlife groups, ranging from the National Rifle Association to The Nature Conservancy.

Tester’s bill, which would reduce the deficit by $5 million, sets aside funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund to increase public land access, reauthorizes the North American Wetlands Conservation Act, and funds new shooting ranges.

Tester is the Chairman of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus.

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VT Patriot

Som sai, somehow I detect a troll in rhino's clothing. Somehow, I think if you never vote for a repub 'again' that you won't be missed.

som sai

When are Republicans going to stop trying to take away my right to hunt and fish? Why did every single Republican except one vote to stop me from using lead amo? It costs enough to shoot, why restrict the number of shooting ranges.

Since when are Democrats the ones to stick up for guns and shooting?

I'll think long and hard before ever voting for a Republican.

marla culver walls

Wolves are not game animals and should never be hunted!! This years hunt has been a disgrace too all Americans,and Native Americans!!