Today Is The Most Important Election Day Of Your Life

New York State Rifle and Pistol Association
New York State Rifle and Pistol Association

New York – -( Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is the most important day of your life, today is the day you decide the future of our country and our state!

We all know the importance of electing Mitt Romney for President but there are a number other races going on around the state that are very important as well and due to redistricting are very close.

Please support the following candidates who are involved in tough races, when you go to the polls today:

In the NYS Senate:

  • 1. Greg Ball, District 40
  • 2. George Amadore, District 46
  • 3. Steve Saland, District 41
  • 4. Martin Golden, District 22

In the NYS Assembly:

  • 1. Steve McLaughlin, District 107
  • 2. Mark Butler, District 118
  • 3. Jennifer Whalen, District 110
  • 4. Tony Jordan, District 113
  • 5. Claudia Tenney, District 101
  • 6.Steve Katz, District 94
  • 7. Tom Quackenbush, District 111
  • 8. Pete Lopez, District 102
  • 9. Ann Rabbitt, District 98
  • 10. Kieran Lalor, District 105
  • 11. Bill Nojay, District 133
  • 12. David Byrne, District 106

I would ask everyone to make a special effort for Robert Castelli, District 93. Bob is a staunch supporter of our 2A rights and has been gerrymandered into a district that is tough for a pro gun candidate to win currently he’s holding his own but it is a very close race so please support Bob Castelli

All of the candidates listed above are worthy of our support so please vote for the pro Second Amendment candidates listed above they need your help.


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