Wolf Wars – When Science Trumps Emotion in Dec/Jan Issue of North American Hunter

North American Hunter -Dec-Jan
Wolf Wars – When Science Trumps Emotion in Dec/Jan Issue of North American Hunter
North American Hunting Club
North American Hunting Club

Minnetonka, MN – -(Ammoland.com)- Whether you believe the wolf to be a saint or a sinner, you won’t want to miss December/January issue of North American Hunter.

The focus of this issue is on wolf hunting – the history of it, how we got here and, as hunters, what it means to us (besides the ability to fill a tag).

But let us not forget that it’s still whitetail season, and the editors of North American Hunter have you covered with articles on blood-trailing deer and the “curse” of scouting cam deer pics.

North American Hunter is a member-exclusive magazine of the North American Hunting Club, the premier community for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

“There are two discordant camps regarding wolves in the North, largely a clash between the rural reality of living in close proximity to wolves, and the ideals of urbanites who’ve never seen a wolf – but believe they must be protected at all costs, ” said Gordy Krahn, Editor-in-Chief of North American Hunter.

“We did thorough research on wolves and wolf hunting. We asked the most recognizable experts available today, including well-known wolf biologist Dr. David Mech, in order to provide our readers the best science-based facts on wolf hunting available today.”

Articles in this month’s issue include: “Blood-Trailing Case Studies” by Bill Winke; Luke Hartle shares with us how getting a big buck on a scout cam can be a blessing, or heartache, in “Worth a Thousand Words,” and for you waterfowlers, check out “Tumble Your Tundra Swan” by Mike Marsh. Lastly, visit Jeff Foxworthy’s column, “Parting Shots” with his experience on “Those Special Deer.” A great read for families to take in together.

And don’t miss the HuntingClub.com “Online Exclusives,” which in this issue can be found on page four. NAH’s Web Editor, Josh Dalke, heads to Alberta for his chance at a 7-foot bruin. Also online is a Deer Photo contest available until Jan. 1, 2013. Just submit your best shot at HuntingClub.com/PhotoContest. Top voted photo will win valuable prizes.

Readers can easily navigate to “Online Exclusives” from the magazine with quick-access Web addresses or by scanning QR codes.

Regular articles include, “You Call the Shots,” with Krahn sharing his take on a possible fox shot and the column “Out West” is discussing more about wolf hunting in the lower 48. And, of course, Tom Miranda continues to bring insightful archery tips in his “Bowhunting” column.

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