Are American Gun Owners Gutless? Speak Up!

Please sign this petition at:

Support Law Abiding Gun Owners Please sign this petition.
Support Law Abiding Gun Owners Please sign this petition.

USA –-( Good news! It looks like we will hit the 25,000 signatures needed on our petition that will require President Obama or his staff to answer.

Bad news! It won’t matter that much. The anti-gun petition is being fueled by the mainstream media and is up over 160,000 signatures. It is a record for the petition system since it began. The second place petition is also anti-gun and currently has over 30,000 signatures. You guys couldn’t even beat the also ran.

Bad news #2! While over 60,000 of you clicked into the petition website page yesterday (yes, we count), only 20,000 of you signed the petition. We understand your need for privacy, but the government already knows who you are. They scan in all of your 4473 forms! ARE YOU GOING TO STAND OR ARE YOU GOING TO TRY TO HIDE?

Over 1350 websites linked to our petition today, but it just isn’t good enough. We need the major firearm manufacturers to post the link in their Facebooks, and that means you need to go post it on all of their Facebook pages. Many of them have fans in excess of a quarter million. WILL YOU ALL BE SILENT WHILE NANCY AND HARRY SALIVATE OVER OUR GUN RIGHTS?

NEWS FLASH: The NRA shut down their 1.7 million strong Facebook page today. This petition is the only pro-gun petition in the running. The Whitehouse petition site may not be the perfect place to plead the case of the law abiding American gun owner, but it is all we have.

GunsAmerica is only one website. We email over 700,000 subscribers, but it isn’t enough against a media barrage from every major network and online outlet, reaching into the tens of millions. If you have a website with readers, a blog, anything, please link it directly to the petition page on the Whitehouse website. Do not link to the GunsAmerica Blog page. The full letter is not what matters now. It is purely that number that matters, and if we can get it up to 50,000 today Drudge will probably pick it up. It is our only hope to have a voice in this discussion.

It is up to us to do the heavy lifting through these first few days. Please sign the petition, and help out if you can.

Please sign this petition at:

These are the cold hard numbers people. We are up against insurmountable odds and we can either fold or fight

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Ray smith

Americans we stand and defend, or we divide of fall. If we have not bared arms throughout our history we would not be the free country that we are. These individuals who are clue less and educated about guns and respect for them is ridiculous, taking guns away from law biding citizens will increase crime. I am CCW and carry and I will not allow the media or the professors in universities talking about getting rid of guns. If more people opened carried through training and being if sound mind would decrease crime. That's the facts folks. People who desire… Read more »

Q.D. McGraw

And Who,s gonna play Robin Hood? Please keep talking crap about arming teachers. Yet you let 90 yr old people drive without a retest.Any Idjit can buy a gun without going through a license process.I bet that your kid can't drive your pickem'up without a valid license,so why can't you test future gun owners?


Like a fn PRO GUN petition means anything to these MORONS? Why should I register to voice an opinion? Don't you think that's an intimidation tactic? (Can't ask for a voter ID) Most gun owners are private and want our privacy and don;need to get on a "Goverment list" Think NAZI! now maybe you'll understand why we don't sign! All those USEFULL IDIOTS that sign the anti-gun petitions are JUST that useful-idiots, that same ass holes that re-elected a marxist president over an Honorable American. BTW the 4473's are not scanned till the dealer closes his doors or 10 years… Read more »


I think most who have a clear understanding of what has happened(and is going to happen) to our country have already made up their mind what they will do WTSHTF. Don't confuse inaction now with how they will respond in the future.

True Patriot

No EthanP this site wont do that. They are safe unlike so many. Probably a glitch

Keep trying.


I tried to sign. it won't let me.

Is this one of those sites that will sell my Email adress now that they have it!

True Patriot

Guns are not the problem. The Jews found that out when loaded on cattle cars to their extinction. Hitler spread fear propaganda to take up their guns. In 1996 17 children were killed in a school shooting & England used that tragedy to take up all guns from the Brits. They sadly bought into the propaganda. The 2nd Amendment is in place to keep America and her Patriots free from tyranny. What you are seeing unfold is tyrannical on news media and Nazi 4th Reich scum. MEDIA LIES 24/7. Guns will never stop evil. This shooter's dad is a VP… Read more »

Frey-Ritter, Mario

The Problems of Gunfire in the US is not the Wepoan, Arms, Pistols, Machineguns, it is the Person who used it against young Children, Pupils and People.

s reyno

i went to the white house web page and tried the 'more info' button on the anti gun petition to see what it was about. it told me 'thanks for supporting it'…i dont even have an account with them to vote.

i had to click the 'report a petition for violation' [or whatever the button was to disenroll the vote i was supposed to have made.]

watch out

Matthew Oakey

I have tried repeatedly to sign and I'm already "registered" on the WH site… but this petition will not let me sign it !!!

And it will not send me a "password" reset email, just thought I'd try that too !!!

Lane Lombardia

I have my own petition:


mandate that the unorganised militia (per Title 10 Section 311 USC) go armed at all times.