Feinstein’s ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban is Really Handgun Ban in Disguise

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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- After all the Democrats’ emphasis the dangers of so-called “assault weapons,” the details of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s pending assault weapons ban show that her real goal is to ban handguns.

That’s right, after all the criticism of the AR-15 and the holier-than-thou speeches about how no one needs a military-style rifle with a 30-round magazine the details of the ban betray a gun grab that includes semi-automatic pistols that use “a detachable magazine” and have “one military characteristic.”

This can only mean that the most popular handguns in the world for both civilian and military use are being targeted. These would include Glocks, Sig Sauers, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, H&K, and Colt, yet would by no means be limited to these handguns alone.

Ironically, I was just talking to a friend this morning about how the “assault weapons” ban is just way for the Democrats to get their foot in the door and ban handguns. And now, before the legislation is even introduced, they’ve gone ahead and shown their hand.

But an even bigger problem lurks — right now the focus is only on “assault weapons” and semi-auto handguns, however, as soon as a public crime is committed with a double-action revolver, Feinstein and Co. will try to add those to the list as well.

The bottom line: If we are foolish enough to embrace a ban on any weapon in the coming Congress then we are unwittingly embracing a ban on every weapon.

The Democrats cannot be trusted with our freedoms, and they will politicize every tragedy to accomplish their ends.

Proof of this lies in the fact that Feinstein was just waiting for a open door to push a gun ban anyway. In other words, this isn’t because of Sandy Hook. Reports from early Nov. 2012 were already indicating the she planned to push a assault weapons ban if Obama were re-elected.

Now more than ever, Republican Senators and Reps. must stand up for the individual right to keep and bear arms. Liberty itself is at stake.

AWR Hawkins writes for all the BIG sites, for Pajamas Media, for RedCounty.com, for Townhall.com and now AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

His southern drawl is frequently heard discussing his take on current events on radio shows like America’s Morning News, the G. Gordon Liddy Show, the Ken Pittman Show, and the NRA’s Cam & Company, among others. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal (summer 2010), and he holds a PhD in military history from Texas Tech University.

If you have questions or comments, email him at [email protected] You can find him on facebook at www.facebook.com/awr.hawkins.

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You are correct. Lets not forget during Katrina the Army NG went house to house breaking in doors, handcuffing people and taking their firearms. The commanders should have been prosecuted for violating the Constitution, Along with Nagan and his police captain! No military member is required to follow orders that violate the Constitution.

Robert Krawiec

When Obama won re-election he not only spoke of handgun ban during debate, he started talking first about assault weapons. He is now in a position to nominate Supreme Court Judges who will legislate the 2nd amendment out of existance.

Bill Baker

Do remember back to Hurricane Katrina. When cops were also taking guns away from law abiding citizens in the name of "greater good" and some of them still haven't gotten them back. Probably got destroyed. That's the part of the Katrina story that scares me…


Little first grade Johnny gets has anger issues. He grabs a baseball bat and knocks littel Bob out as well as thre other kids killing one. The school Principal declares baseball bats to be assault bats and bans them in the whole school. He makes the school a bat free zone. Further he introduces federal law to ban all bats across the US. It is declared a felony to allow anyone under 14 to own and use a bat. Substitute knife, gallon of gasoline, car, wrench, pencil, pen, etc. Liberal brain dead logic at work per gun control. When a… Read more »


Any of these school killers could have accomplished their goals with a double barrel shotgun and buckshot. Ban any one of our weapons and your are banning them all in short order. Fienstien's Bill is an act of of treason.

Paul E. Mason

O.K. ….Remember Hurricane Katrina? Remember how some of the people defended their homesteads and lives? I do. They painted warning for all to see (emphasis, violent criminals)on signs that had the following; "You Loot, We Shoot"! And did it work, you bet your ass it worked ! Well now, WE are at another crossroad. THIS TIME, IT IS THE CRIMINALS IN GOV'T. And I can only suggest WE use the following to get OUR thought across, which is…"You ban, We shoot"! To hell with the prohibitionists with their lies and deceit. Of course this is all about the handguns! They… Read more »

Ed Rathbun

I simply CANNOT comprehend this mind-set of ANY Jew, after the events in Hitler's Germeny, and occupied Eurupe in WW-2, when millions of her ancesters were killed by government agents of the government. Also, the wife of either Lieberman or Lautenburg STILL wears her concentration camp TATTOO!

Uncle Adolf says

I Was Right


To these NWO owned and operated elitists, all privately owned weapons are assault weapons, except the ones used to protect them. UN Agenda 21–a necessary first step towards One World Government and the NWO's privately owned global currency.

Randy Cote

Diane, You have to be the dumbest senator working on the hill. you are just giving the damn bumbs the right to carry weapons. I just read in my paper that one man was released from prison lived with his sister. it was a life in prison term but he got out on parole.he lilled his sister and them went on a killing spreay what kind of justice is that?? if they are in there for life the don't deserve parole. well anyway he got on parole killed his sister which must have got him the guns then killed her… Read more »


Please stop making this a Party issue! Republicans AND Democrats must stand up for the right to keep and bear arms! We need to get more pro-gun Democrats into the primaries, as the writing is on the wall that the current Republican party, at least as exemplified in the last presidential election, is losing any hope of a majority base. It's just demographics, and we have to face the facts realistically.


Seems the Republicans cannot be trusted to keep our 2nd Amendment Rights.



I was wondering when you guys were going to wake up.