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Join or Die
Join or Die
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Manasquan, NJ –-( In the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting last week in Connecticut the calls for more gun control have reached a fever pitch.

There has been extensive commentary from the usual suspects on the gun control side that “this time it’s different” .

And indeed it is, different in so much that there are now open calls for the murder of NRA members flooding twitter and Facebook. Including advocating the shooting of innocent members of the NRA by “Democratic leaders” such as John Cobarruvias.

This time is different in that major firearms retailers such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Cheaper than Dirt and Walmart have betrayed the very people who supported them the most with their patronage by choosing to cave to irrational and unfounded fears and pull modern sporting rifles from their shelves instead of taking a stand, while other, more courageous retailers, large and small have rejected such betrayal and watched sales skyrocket.

Dianne Feinstein, Frank Lautenberg and other self important elites in Congress couldn’t even wait till after one single funeral of the victims, before rushing to the nearest microphone and issue statements of their intent to reintroduce a new and even farther reaching “assault weapons ban” then the previously failed one of 1994 to 2004.

This despite the fact that studies of the 94 to 2004 law released by the Dept of Justice and The National Academy of Sciences that prove beyond any rational doubt that the law had NO statistically significant effect on violent crime or homicide rates. (See Firearms And Violence A Critical Review )

As a Nation, we have seen this behavior before, from both Republicans and Democrats, a purely emotional based rush to ram rod through legislation to further restrict the rights of all Americans due to the evil actions of a few deranged individuals, it was done with the passage of the Patriot Act post 9-11, was one of the most sweeping curtailments of rights and violations of the Constitution in generations, and we are still paying the price for our fear based support of such legislation today.

In the prelude to the Revolutionary War, a wood carving of a rattlesnake, divided into thirteen pieces (representing the thirteen separate colonies) and inscribed “Join or Die” rose to great prominence and popularity as a symbol and rallying cry to defeat the tyrannical rule of the British.

We have, despite every effort to avoid it, arrived at the same place today. For the past decade I have pointed out that by far the biggest obstacle to reclaiming our rights from the Legislature ( particularly in NJ) has been the divided nature of those on the Pro Gun, Pro Liberty, Pro Second Amendment Side. The hunters don’t care about the competition shooters, the competition shooters don’t care about those that wish to carry a firearm for self defense, those that wish to carry for self defense don’t care about the hunters, etc,etc.

In light of what is about to take place at both the State and Federal Level regarding new gun laws, this simply can no longer be the case. There can be no more “sitting on the sidelines” , no more “let the other guy do the work on my behalf“, no more “I’ve got mine, so I don’t care about anyone else or other group “, and certainly no more cowardly retreats such as have been exhibited by certain retailers in recent days. Whatever the reasons for your support of the Second Amendment, whether they be for love of freedom, for self defense, for support of the idea of the people being equipped to repel tyranny with force, or any other reason, the fight for our rights must be joined and it must be joined NOW!

The various Anti Gun groups and their allies in Congress and the media shamelessly exploited a previous schoolyard shooting of children by Patrick Purdy ( another diagnosed mentally ill individual) in 1989 to push through the 1994 to 2004 Clinton Era “assault weapons ban” . They have already ghoulishly announced their intentions to exploit the Connecticut tragedy in the same way, only this time, much, much more restrictively and with permanence instead of a built in expiration date.

I’m reminded of the words of Samuel Adams, speaking publicly of those that refused to join the fight during the period leading up to the Revolution.

“If ye prefer the tranquility of servitude better then the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our Countrymen.”

It is time to decide. We must ” Join or Die ! “


More articles, commentary and information by D. Roberts available at That Every Man Be

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Gurminder Cheema

I'm in shock how the hell is a alien-looking demon that is feinstien is still in office? I live in Cop city and i cant wait till Bitchberg term is over these people are very Un-American. They choose to support the constitution when it works in their favor this is fucked up and they want to trample on us.


For the true story, has up to date info regarding this latest gun grabbing effort…bottom line: your government is out of control and will impose the will of the globalist mindset, which is to disarm it's citizens in order to usher in a one world economic system and eventually world domination. No joke! And the model of government being considered isn't the free republic USA model. It's total domination via. technology. Ask yourself, do you feel safer when a cop is behind you or do you feel threatened? The answer should tell you something about your society today.

Steve Bishop

Exhausting is right … I've heard a few reasonable opinions on this site from people I can really respect, but mostly it's just more paranoid ranting about Obama and the government coming to get us, like it's 1776 and we're fighting for our independence. As a former resident of Rochester, tell me if you think those firefighters were glad a crazy gunman could easily access a magazine with so many rounds in this country? Sure, you can cite an example or two where such as magazine was needed in self defense, but I can site two horrible examples over the… Read more »

Gene Hilton

I take time to express my support for my fellow citizens of the Multi-State REPUBLIC (not 'Nation') and our 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms to protect ourselves from those that would restrict our liberties and shackle us by the restraints of tyranny [as outlined and protected by our Constitution]. I am a 'normal-up-standing-citizen' who is nauseated by the attempt to restrict my right to protect my family. Restrict clip size? Are you crazy? What about the guy during the LA Riots that defended his home from murderous and looting rioters??? I will NEVER be the one that would EVER… Read more »


During the Klinton era the one leading the charge to ban "assault weapons" was Senator Dianne Feinstein, but what most people don't know is that while she was trying to keep us from buying one she was out buying one for her own son because that's what he wanted for Christmas and he got one too, she saw to that. This happened either in 1994 or 1995. It's ok for the upper class to have whatever they want, but they will deny the rest of us the right to have the samething. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS TO ANYONE… Read more »


I can't remember all the times I've heard trap/skeet/bench rest/hunter gun owner shooters side with the gun grabbers when it came to hi cap rifles and handguns. They never seem to understand they will be next. (See UK). "They came for the Jews but I wasn't a Jew so I did nothing." "They came for the Communists, but I wasn't a Communist so I did nothing." They came for the Catholics, but I wasn't a Catholic. So I did nothing." "Then they came for me, and there was no one left to do something". (If I didn't quite remember it,… Read more »

Interesitng image. I have been getting acquanted with 18th century art over the last year since I started making a few powder horns. Many of the images from that time represent individual liberty as it was a time of revolution. Those concepts are no less important today.


The second ammendment was written to prevent a tyranical govt.Washington,Jefferson and the other founding fathers understood human nature very well.As i was taught in the Marines,sometimes there is no easy way out so get tough now,dont give up.As far as a group ,gunowners must all hang together or surely we will hang seperately.


This isn't about gun control. It's about people control. Please note what has happened throughout history to nations that have disarmed their citizenry. When the guns are gone, citizens become subjects. They're subjected to a police state.


Agreed. The simple fact is that the Second Amendment was written to try and protect our right to defend our life, liberty, and property. Whether it be from a simple mugger/burglar or from a tyrannical Government makes no difference. We need to stop bickering amongst ourselves or we will be divided and conquered. This is what they want. You may not think that your gun is included in any kind of ban they're proposing, but when the guns they ARE talking about are gone, perhaps along with their owners, who is going to help you protect yours? Make no mistake… Read more »