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Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx –-( The correct name for the decades old treaty that would control the import and export of all weaponry and ammunition, excluding nuclear, is Arms Trade Treaty, and not the U.N. Small Arms Treaty; although the provisions that include “small arms” cause American citizens the greatest concern.

Good news/Bad news!!!
Treaties with our country do not take effect unless ratified by the Senate and there is no exception. Even with a slight Democratic majority, there should be enough pro-gun Senate votes to stop this measure.

Other good news is that, as currently drafted, the provisions should not touch your existing gun safe or collection but there are registry and transfer provisions for new imports and/or new exports. This is included although such a registry is in direct contradiction with US law which bars any sort of gun registry.

President Obama should oppose the current draft based on this conflict in existing U.S. law if nothing else.

However, President Obama could give a greenlight to UN Ambassador Susan Rice to allow the treaty to be finalized. This would be the next step, the final version which has been blocked by our government for the past 10 years. Talks on the issue resume in the U.N. in March.

A final draft of this treaty could then be ratified by other countries, by key nations that trade with the U.S.

Consider where Glocks, Sigs, Berettas, Benellis, and other popular firearms are manufactured. Gun makers in those countries could decide that the new recordkeeping regulations are too onerous and costly to export to the U.S. At the very least, prices will go through the ceiling.

We must keep pressure on the current Administration to continue to block any forward progress on this treaty.

Let your voice be heard. We want no movement on the Arms Trade Treaty.

Office of the President, Contact Information

Check “Tripp Talk” soon for updates and explanations on bills filed before the Texas Legislature. A special thanks to staff at Texas Senator John Cornyn’s office for ongoing Arms Treaty information.

And as always,

Keep the faith,

Alice Tripp
Texas State Rifle Association

The Mission of the Texas State Rifle Association is to protect and defend the inalienable rights of the individual Texan to acquire, possess, transport, carry, transfer ownership and enjoy the right to lawful use of firearms for self preservation, for the defense of family and property and the common defense of the Republic and the individual liberties of the people. Visit:

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Fin The Dog

In indiana, we used to say "Sure, we'll give up out guns. Just let us give you the ammo first."

More seriously, I can imagine LOTS of guns & ammo going underground and being dispersed if a worst case scenario with the proposed ATT occurred. Also, just who is going to go and confiscate our weapons? If only 1-2% of gun owners resisted enough to produce 1 casualty during a confiscation attempt, that would equate to more than 100% of the US active duty military personnel. The math does not look favorable for potential domestic enemies of the constitution.

Ivan Pistov

Who among all the respondents to this site is the ultimate authority? Mr. Ford's treatise sounds and looks authoritative, but by what background that he may have does he know all this for certain? I'd certainly like to believe that we are "safe" from the ATT but knowing the present administration and many in Congress this may not be true. I can only visualize massive civil disobedience in the case that the president announces a decree that we are henceforth under the ATT and it WILL be obeyed. Any guns anyone may own could be confiscated before the issue is… Read more »

barrie windell

i would add to mr. ford's essay: 1902 Dick Act. read up, kids.

Johnny Seay

Thank you Mr. Ford for clearing this up. I for one, feel much better now.

How about making me feel better about "Open Carry" in Texas now.

John Seay

Bob Ford

WAKE UP AND QUIT WRITING STUPIDITY. READ THIS AND WISE UP There is no need for any of this bull stuff, the traitors and fools in Washington cannot change the Constitution no matter how much they would like to: HERE ARE THE CLEAR AND IRREFUTABLE FACTS: Anything repugnant to the Constitution is VOID Marbury V Madison 5 U.S. 137 The U.S. Supreme Court has made it very clear that 1) Treaties do not override the U.S. Constitution. 2) Treaties cannot amend the Constitution. And last, 3) A treaty can be nullified by a statute passed by the U.S. Congress (or… Read more »