Mossy Oak Announces New Prepaid Debit Card


WEST POINT, MS, December 12, 2012 ( hunting season in full swing and the Holidays just around the corner, Mossy Oak is excited to announce the introduction of the Mossy Oak Walmart MoneyCard, a prepaid Debit MasterCard® issued by GE Capital Retail Bank with program management provided by Green Dot Corporation (NYSE: GDOT). The Card, featuring Break-Up Infinity® camouflage design, is now available exclusively at nearly 2,000 participating Walmart stores nationwide.

The Walmart MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card that helps people manage their money conveniently and safely with no overdraft fees and no penalty fees.

Mossy Oak Walmart MoneyCards can be found on sale at participating stores in the Walmart MoneyCenter, in the check-out lanes, as well as in the hunting section. No bank account or credit check is required to get one. The card can be used anywhere Debit MasterCard® is accepted and is easy to reload with cash and checks in person at Walmart or via online bank transfer at

“It makes perfect sense, with all the offerings Walmart has for hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, that there is a Mossy Oak camouflage card option,” said Chris Paradise, Senior Vice President/Chief Sales Officer at Mossy Oak. “Walmart produces many specialty cards and now there’s one for hunters!”

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Dan Brewer

How can I order this card

Marketta Plank

How do i order mossy oak card

Jackie cullum

I want it.

Jason Bevins

I bought a Mossy Oak money Card at Wal-Mart, Friday 3/05/2015, and at the present time. I am not able to use this card. What is the problem. I bought this card to pay my cell phone, and now they ready to turn it off. So, Please fix this card so I can get my money “Right Now”. My phone cell had better no be turned off. I have to use it for emergencies, because of Head Trauma, bleeding on the brain. If this happens now because of buying this card, liked the look of it. It will be on… Read more »


3 different computers and i still cant get this damn card set up. error on page no matter what computer i use!!!!!!!!


I can’t stand our local walmart, why not make this card available to get some other way? Whether online or another store.


how the f** do i set this card up?!