Al Sharpton: Knife Control Comes Next After Guns

Al Sharpton: Knife Control Comes Next After Guns
Al Sharpton: Knife Control Comes Next After Guns

Gilbert, AZ –-( Anti-Second Amendment disarmament proponent Reverend Al Sharpton told a radio caller that it could be time to ban knives as well as guns in his effort to disarm law-abiding Americans for the crimes of the few insane and criminals.

Claiming on his radio show on Friday, Dec. 28, that, “in any civilized society you do not see massacres continue to happen,” the MSNBC host then claimed that you don’t, “keep the same laws when clearly they’re not working,”

“What happens when the criminal goes to knives, Al?” the caller asked.

“Then you deal with knives,” replied the hypocritical left-wing demagogue who never ventures forth without armed bodyguards. “The same thing as if you have a head cold and the same thing you do if you have a head cold and the cold is gone and you have a headache. Then you take headache medicine. The job of society is to deal with whatever problem confronts it.”

Of course, as most of us know, cold and headache remedies only deal with the symptoms and don’t cure the underlying problem. It might be better to say that “the job of society is to deal with” those underlying problems, as opposed to the symptoms, without destroying our freedom and ability to defend ourselves from the aberrant members of society who will always find a way to commit their heinous criminal acts against defenseless victims.

The lesson is that just as happened in England and elsewhere, for those pushing for irrational gun bans, they are just the first step towards further restrictions and bans, including our most useful tools, like our knives. Ultimately, it is our liberty that is being threatened, based on the lies and deceit of those with another very simple agenda–control.

You can listen to the audio from this show here: Al Sharpton: KNIFE CONTROL Comes Next After Guns

Note: The Massive Increase in Knife Sign image above on the Al Sharpton YouTube is from England, where so-called “knife crime,” criminal acts including murders committed mostly with kitchen knives, has reached epidemic proportions and a major political issue with one major British medical group advocating for banning pointed kitchen knives!

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Let this mail order rev.piece of sh*t try and take my guns/knives.Goddamn this is a of scum !


At least if they *try* to ban knives it will never work…Prison made shanks are a testament to that.


your a communist raciest

anthony j porta


Pocono Shooting Rang

This is perfect and show how now gun control will ever be enough. The will keep banning one type of gun after another.

BonHomme Richard

He doesn't use silverware, he doesn't need them to eat fried Chicken and drink beer. Its "OK" you can get in to a Bud without a can opener….

Sharpton and the rest of the black bigots need to leave the United States.


Better idea, lets ban the likes of these lying creeps like Sharpton, Jesse Jackass, etc!


Al Sharpton? Really? Anyone that actually listens to this racist fleabag "Reverend" is below the required IQ for rational discussion. He blathers almost as much as Chris Matthews, and Al, ….that was not a compliment.


Of course sharpton is an idiot. The problem is that there are more idiots nowadays than there are sensible people. Thus, the idiots have now placed idiots in charge. There is a cure. Hopefully, when the SHTF, liberal doses of the cure will be handed out.


Al wants to deal with every problem EXCEPT the actual humans committing the crimes. Hmm?