Ann Coulter: Wayne Lapierre Wrong Spokesman For NRA

Ann Coulter: Wayne Lapierre Wrong Spokesman For NRA
Ann Coulter: Wayne Lapierre Wrong Spokesman For NRA
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Washington DC – -( Coulter is under fire for speaking negatively about the NRA during a guest spot on the Sean Hannity radio program. Here's the problem, she didn't speak negatively of the NRA, but of the NRA's Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

I've literally listened to her comments 20 times, and not only does she refrain from criticizing the NRA, she actually presents and supports the same argument that John Lott and the NRA have presented in other settings in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting — namely, that more guns will lead to less crime and that concealed carry permit holders are part of the answer to crime at any place and time.

By the way, Coulter, the NRA, and Lott have empirical data to back up the concealed carry argument while those opposing it argue from an emotional, illogical basis (think Rosie O'Donnell, David Gregory, Michael Moore).

John R. Lott's More Guns Less Crime
John R. Lott's More Guns Less Crime

Back to Coulter's comments. The firestorm arose when Coulter asked if LaPierre is, “the only gun rights supporter who has not read John Lott's” More Guns, Less Crime?

Coulter's point: She thought LaPierre seemed ill-prepared when he appeared on NBC's Meet the Press on Dec. 23. In her opinion, he didn't take control of the conversation when Gregory attacked him for wanting armed personnel in schools.

For instance, when David Gregory began his rude, fact-less attack on LaPierre — shamelessly questioning whether the NRA's goal is to see fewer children die — Coulter says LaPierre's response was “hemming and hawing” instead of forthrightly telling Gregory to quit perverting the statements of the NRA. She says LaPierre should have reminded Gregory, and the country, at that point: “There is one way to stop innocent people from being gunned down by lunatics” and that's by having more law abiding citizens armed to take down the lunatics when they come to schools or shopping malls or movie theaters with bad intentions.

Coulter wants the NRA, and gun owners as a whole, to focus on their PR campaign and win the argument every time because the facts and the Constitution are on the NRA's side.

In this, she seems to be saying exactly what Breitbart News' Larry O'Connor said when guest hosting for Geraldo Rivera on Dec. 24 — namely, that LaPierre and others are going to have to either formulate their argument better or steer clear of the hostile formats of programs like Meet the Press.

More guns equal less crime; this is demonstrable. And because it is, Coulter's contention is that the NRA and gun owners as a whole need to argue from a position of strength instead of weakness.

The argument presented by David Gregory is wrong, and the NRA needs to drag it out into the open and stomp holes in it.

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  • 9 thoughts on “Ann Coulter: Wayne Lapierre Wrong Spokesman For NRA

    1. The NRA needs a man with facts at his figertips that can educate the non-gun owners and at the same time make the anti-crowd look like the fools that they are. Chris Cox of the NRA can do all of those things.

    2. For the first time in my life, I find myself agreeing with Ann Coulter. Wayne LaPierre apparently doesn’t think quickly enough on his feet to be the spokesperson for the NRA.

      I contrasted how Larry Pratt of Gunowners of America gave it right back to the priggish Piers Morgan when Morgan attempted to denigrate Pratt’s comments. I joined GOA the next day.

      I will not be quitting the NRA but I’m spreading my money around now to places where it might be more effective. The NRA needs to hire somebody to be their public face, and it ought not be Wayne LaPierre

    3. I agree with Ann. Lapierre needs to focus. Raising all the side roads of mental illness, media, and (give me a break) video games just dilutes the real message. There will always be a bad guy with a weapon, and the best way to stop him is a good guy with a gun.

    4. Coulter is right. I haven’t had any respect for Lapierre since he let Donohue make a monkey out of him back in ’02. With friends like that guns don’t need enemies.

    5. Duane, an interesting point you bring up. Look at it this way the US has always had a high murder rate when compared to places such as Australia, UK, Canada. Unfortunately, our murder rate was higher back when there wasn’t much gun control in any of these countries. I would remind you that your murder rate went up when guns were banned there. (Same with the UK.) Gun control isn’t working in Russia which has a murder rate 4X that of the US. We say guns keep us safer because the evidence shows that within the US more guns do mean less crime.

    6. More guns equals less crime?
      As an aussie gunowner, in a country with a higher suicide rate and as much mental health issues as America (probably because we love beer like Anerica loves guns), I find that a puzzling statistic, because I am ten time more likely to die of firearms in America than here. 
      Maybe we are better behaved when drunk. Just random thoughts from Oz…

      1. Take away socialist hellholes like Chicago, D.C.,L.A. and Baltimore and the U.S.A. drops way down on the list of murder by firearms. Ironically those locales have the strictest gun control laws.

    7. With any comment from Ann Coulter she’s another Hanoi Jane Fonda they Hate America so much they should give All the Monies they have made in the United States to The Wounded Warriors Project.These two Commie Sysmethiers should move to Viet Nam and be happy at your Choices?

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