Carbon Express Brings AR Flexibility to Crossbows – Endless Options

Total customization to fit your body type, technique and shooting circumstance.

Carbon Express Intercept Crossbow
Carbon Express Intercept Crossbow
Carbon Express
Carbon Express

Flushing, Michigan –-(  Carbon Express redefines the crossbow category with their newest offering the Intercept.

Calling the Intercept “A new crossbow” doesn’t do the revolutionary nature of this product justice.

The Intercept is a new kind of hunting crossbow that’s engineered and built to enable amazing customization and provide unmatched adjustability right out of the box.

“We’re creating a whole new segment in the crossbow category with the design and architecture of the new Intercept.” Stated Rob Eastman III, CEO of Eastman Outdoors. “We see the Intercept as the first evolution of a new type of hunting crossbow that gives hunters a crossbow that feels and fits ‘just right’ and can accommodate the parts they want so we’re referring to it as the I-Crossbow .”

The key differentiating feature of the Intercept is the unique Picatinny platform that accommodates most military and commercial spec AR parts to allow hunters to customize the crossbow to their own body type, technique and shooting style. This, combined with the unmatched, multi-point adjustability right out of the box provides a consistent shooting position that’s needed for repeatable performance in the field every time.

The adjustable fit and custom features mean that hunters no longer have to compensate their shooting posture, style or set-up for the weapon. The adjustable 6-position pull stock (13”-19”) creates a custom and consistent shoulder mount. The bow also offers a number of connection points for accessories on the 29 inches of overall Picatinny rail including 15 inches on the top rail, 9 inches on the forearm rail and 4 inches on the stock rail. In addition, the Intercept includes 2 sling studs on the riser and 1 sling plate located on the butt stock.

The upper and bottom rails are designed to accept military spec or commercial spec parts and take advantage of an entire worldwide after market industry for tactical guns. Hunters can attach a new forearm, grip, butt stock, mount the quiver on top or on bottom, upgrade and/or move their scope, etc. “While the standard Intercept package is a performance story by itself, the key differentiator for Intercept is that the ability to customize and adjust it the way that you want it” stated Rob Eastman “It is the first crossbow to combine high quality components, multi-point adjustability, and unlimited customization options in a single offering. This design lets you create your crossbow, your way and that’s why we’re referring to the Intercept as the I-Crossbow.”

The optional accessories are endless to make your shooting experience even better.

A few of the planned accessories include:

  • Folding grips
  • Fore Grip Bi-Pods
  • Adjustable Fore Grips
  • Quick Detach Scope Mounts
  • Compact Flashlight w/Quick Detach Mount
  • Adjustable Butt Stocks
  • Compact Crossbow Case
  • Tactical Single Point Shooting Sling

In addition to being the most customizable crossbow in the market, the Intercept’s slim design allows for easy transport in the field. The uncocked size is 17” with a cocked size of just 13-1/2”. With an estimated weight of slightly more than 8lbs, staying stealth in the field while moving to new hunting locations is easy. And, while the Intercept is compact, it is packed with power delivering 360+FPS with a draw weight of 185lbs. and 122 ft. lbs. of Kinetic Energy.

“The team at Carbon Express is very excited about the introduction of the Intercept,” commented Rob Eastman III CEO of Eastman Outdoors.

“The Intercept is the result of our team combining their knowledge of hunting with our technological expertise to offer a new kind of crossbow that we believe will re-define the category. This new open-platform gives the crossbow hunter a way to optimize and customize his weapon for the way he wants to shoot”.

The Intercept opens the door to unlimited customization yet comes packed with premium quality components, ready- to- shoot with multiple points of adjustability out of the box. The kit includes; 1.5-5X32” Illuminated Scope, 3 arrow quick detach quiver, 3 Maxima Blue Streak® Bolts, Field points, cocking rope and Rail Lube.

Other key features include:

  • Field Storage Tube (patent pending)
  • Adjustable Scope
  • Custom Trigger (3lbs. Pull)
  • High Performance Speed Cams
  • Butt Stock Attachment Adapter

For those looking for a whole new kind of crossbow hunting experience , the New Intercept from Carbon Express is worth a look – The Intercept will change the way you think about crossbows hunting.

About Carbon Express
Carbon Express®, an Eastman Outdoors, Inc. brand, is the leading manufacturer of high performance carbon hunting and target arrows and arrow components for hunters and target shooters. For more information or customer service, visit or call 800.241.4833.

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Michael Rawls

I just purchased the Interceptor and was amazed at how detailed it is. It is my first archery type weapon. I want to take good care of it so it can take good care of me and mine. Having said that, I want to know if you have a pictoral diagram/manual with more concise pictures and (larger) more instructional the better. where to oil, wax, tighten, how often, accessories, and so on. I really like the crossbow, thanks!! Any help you can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks again!!! Mike