Conn. Lawmaker Pushes Barney Fife Law – Limits Guns to One Round

One Round Pistol
One Round Pistol
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Washington DC – -( Connecticut Democrat state senator Edward Meyer has put forward a bill which limits civilian firearms to one round.

Like Barney Fife in the old Andy Griffith series, you’ll have one bullet with which to defend all that’s valuable to you (including you).

Through bill No. 122, Meyer seeks to ban the purchase, private sell, transport, donation, or possession of any firearm that holds more than one round. His bill also makes it illegal “for any person to fire a gun that contains more than a single round” and for any person to “purchase, sell, donate, or posses a magazine or clip capable of holding more than a one round.”

As absolutely crazy as it is, the fact that Meyer wasn’t embarrassed to put this legislation forward provides us with a teachable moment concerning gun grabbers. For it reminds us that they are not rational and they do not understand that these rules would only apply to law abiding citizens.

Moreover, they miss the fact that these rules would simply make it harder (nearly impossible) for a citizen to defend his or her life because even a criminal armed with a 5 shot revolver would have them outgunned by 400% from the start.

In truth, Meyer’s bill would create a criminal’s paradise.

This is how gun grabbers think–they see that criminals are able to hurt and/or kill large numbers of people in settings where it’s illegal to be armed for self-defense, and instead of doing the sensible thing and addressing the fact that innocent people are forcibly unarmed, they expose larger numbers of people to danger by effectively taking away their guns too.

Gun free zones have had deadly consequences for too many innocent people. We simply cannot be foolish enough to pile Meyer’s bullet free zones on top of it all.

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Johnny Nightrider

This man is a CT Democratic State Senator and he proposes this bill.First of all its stupid and will never pass and if I lived in CT I would vote against his re-election.Clearly this man has a low IQ or has diminished capacity to serve any longer as a state senator.Impeachment hearings of this Senator should commence as soon as possible as this man is a danger to individuals wanting to protect themselves and others.He has clearly lost his rational thinking.

Big M

Good God, we all know that politicians are crooks, and many of them flat-out imbeciles, but what is it with the voters in the Northeast? How do people like Kennedy, Lieberman, Kerry, Frank, and all the rest of them, continue to get elected for literally DECADES? (Just to be fair, let's not exempt the stooges in Arizona, who have — allegedly, anyway — continued to elect a war criminal punk like John McCain for what seems like forever.) Is it vote fraud? Are the majority of voters in that area retarded? For Christ's sake, NitMitt Rombama, as governor of the… Read more »


“Adam Lanza, 20, went to a Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Danbury, Conn., on Tuesday to buy the weapon, but was turned down because he didn’t want to undergo a background check or abide by the state’s waiting period for gun sales, the officials said.”



When you see absurdities like this come from your lawmakers, you know it's time to ignore all further directives from them.

It's one thing to regulate drugs, but quite another to regulate something that puts you & your family at great risk to criminals & the government itself.

I shall NVER abide by ANY more laws against my guns.


How about a 155 with a bee hive round.


This leftist commie reporter really shows his ignorance. One round from a. 45 is all a person needs

val trevino

my fault just kiddin demos relax like it is a joke way over ur head k?

Crow Bar Catholicism


Beating these politicians with crow bars or tire irons until they stop twiching, moving, moaning and groaning. Yes, beat them so severely just without making them cross over between life and death.


I see where New York state is getting ready to pass draconian gun laws tomorrow. Remington Arms should immediately move out of the state. And to show my support, the business I do with the state of new york just ended tonight. I have sold products for years in that state…have had a huge clientele there. No more. I will no longer fill orders going to NY. Period. I'm done with them. Good riddance. Don't need their business anymore. Molon Labe!


If one of my congressmen introduced such an idiotic bill I'd start a recall petition immediately for his complete stupidity.

TF Wagner (USAF04)

Any politician that proposes a bill like CT 122 is either grand standing on this tragedy for his political base, or is totally ignorant of the US Constitution & our Bill of Rights. Every thing he proposes does nothing to prevent another incident like Sandy Hook. I really question how serious he is about solving the problem.


Guess I'd better get a bazooka, is I can only carry One round..