Cuomo: Forget 30 Rounds, No One Needs 10 Rounds in a Gun

Cuomo: Forget 30 Rounds, No One Needs 10 Rounds in a Gun
Cuomo: Forget 30 Rounds, No One Needs 10 Rounds in a Gun
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( During his State of the State speech on Jan. 9, Gov. Andrew Cuomo went beyond demonizing 30 round magazines. He said he doesn’t see why anyone needs 10 rounds.

Just think: it hasn’t even been a full month since the crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, yet some prominent liberals — like Cuomo — have already moved from banning 30 round magazines to banning 10 round mags (and the guns that use them) as well.

He approached it this way:  “No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer and too many people have died already.”

This is incredible. Cuomo is making an argument for banning guns and magazines that hold 10 rounds “because too many have died already.” Yet NYC, the biggest population center in his state — in the country for that matter — is recording the lowest homicide and shooting rate in 50 years.

Here’s the problem — the slope IS SLIPPERY.

Once they ban 30 rounds magazines, they will only be satisfied until a crime is committed with a 10 or even a 5 round magazine, then they’ll want to ban them too.

Soon, thereafter, someone like Cuomo will stand up with a straight face and tell us why we don’t need anything that holds more than one shot.

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Why doesn't this Cuomo skunk just hang himself and leave us alone? Does the US Government want another Civil War on their hands?


Well there mayor, governor or whatever title you bribed, cheated, and stole to get….10 round magazines aren't necessary to shoot a deer. But, how about defending ones self against a tyrannical government? a 10, 20 or 30 round magazine would come in handy then. Would it not? That's what the 2nd ammendment is about. NOT deer hunting.


cuomo is what is not needed. what we want and what we need is a personal decision butt out andrew…


Why does any one need Gov. Andrew Cuomo?!


For the sake of argument- let's say that the Governor goes hunting and he winds up facing a pack of wild boars- or hungry coyotes- I sincerely hope he only has one bullet in his deer rifle. I really would like to see how that plays out.


Cuomo is right. No person needs more than one round to shut that communist up.

If the nazis have their way, then maybe people will discover why we have a 2nd amendment.

Somehow the Cuomo communists think the 2nd amendment doesn't apply to them. How did that happen.

Think about this: what should every American consider if Cuomo is allowed to ignore the 2nd amendment ?


Obama OKs lifetime Secret Service for presidents

4:19 PM, Jan 10, 2013

by David Jackson, USA TODAY

same stuff, differemt dog


I fail to see his logic , the entire world does not need even ONE Cuomo , but look how many we are FORCED to endure !


I will give up my gun when O-Homo, Frankenstein and the rest of the pussies in DC come for them themselves. Fat Fing chance!


I have called my representative and told him to vote no on the gun ban . have any of you . I told him if he did I’d not vote for him and remind every gun loving person I know that he voted for is and I’d make sure he doesn’t get re-elected . Have you called and threatened anyone . If so good job .If not not then same on you for not exercising your right to protest and free speech . We need them to fear for there jobs .


Dismayed Commandant of Marine Corps hasn't ordered "Operation Tag'em & Bag'em" sending grunts to take out any and all politicians and share holders attempting to carry out agenda in conflict with our Constitution. Let's start with fragging zionists and their enablers. Obama and Holder acted to give La Eme and other Mexican hoodlums thousands of weapons? Frag em both and all feds that carried out illegal orders! Feinstein, Cuomo, Levin, Schumer, Lautenberg, Boxer, Bloomberg, Morgan want to ban all weapons? FRAG EM ALL, communist scum! Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo executives like to steal trillions? FRAG EM ALL!… Read more »


When I was a kid I would use my 10 shot semi auto Ruger 22 for squirrel hunting. Rarely did I get a kill on the first shot. Usually it took me three or four to hit the moving target. THAT is why, Mr. "Gungrabbing traitor" Cuomo, a hunter needs a semi automatic with NO LESS THAN 10 shots.

What a hyped up nutbag alarmist, using dead children to push his criminal agenda. That's pretty damn low.


I find it interesting that since the introduction of the UN Small Arms Treaty in the beginning of 2012 we had the MOST mass shootings in a single year!!! It's also interesting that NO ONE has protested or tried to sue the NYPD after they shot 8 or 9 innocent people in front of the Empire State building!! If ANYONE needs their "assault" rifles and high capacity magazines IS Law Enforcement!!!


How many rounds does his Security Detail carry?


This is about fear. the politicians, especially the radical libs like Obama, have taken this country to the brink of collapse with their insane spending and money printing and giveaway programs to the illegals and indolent. They realize that protests and possibly rebellion are becoming very real possibilities. They fear an armed citizenry that will no longer tolerate the blatant attacks on our Constitution, our privacy and our rights.


Please stop referring to these rifles as "assault rifles". They are Homeland Security Rifles and every honest law abiding American male needs to be in possession of one.

Jolly Roger

I don't need ten rounds to kill a deer, because I don't hunt. I own guns to defend myself from tyranny, which is why the 2nd amendment was written.

Don't let politicians shift the debate to hunting. The 2nd amendment exists to insure you have the ability to pop a few into Cuomo the Homo's head if he becomes tyrannical, and he's trying to disarm you so he can do exactly that.


Feinstein-Those guns are designed to kill lots of people. So that is why the police have them? Ask gun carrying Dianne if she will sign a waiver that if I am killed buy a perp when I run out of ammo with a 10 rnd mag in a 15 rnd gun, she will support my family. Is there any situtaions we as First responders we don't run into that the police do? The cops are second responders. They should have 10 rnds we 30 rnds. Cops almost always dump tere hi cap waepons into a perp and miss most of… Read more »


Considering what we are learning about the gun banners plans, it could well be that this was done with colusion with the White House. Thus, if they can't get a more sweeping ban (at first) the 10 round limit will seem reasonable.

And lets all remember, they want ALL our guns!


My statement to Cuomo is, “it’s not about hunting STUPID! It's about self-defense and 2nd amendment protection and civil liberties! Cuomo, you can't tell me how many rounds I may need to stop an assailant, PERIOD”!


Oh, "He Who has Armed THugs to Protect HIm?"

Jay Hanig

He's absolutely correct. I don't see why his State Police protection detail needs so much ammunition in their guns. In fact, he ought to just declare himself a gun free zone and put them back to protecting and serving New Yorkers.

Col. Sanders

This guy is a progressive hater. Make the insanity stop


No one needs 10 rounds!!! You said it brother!!! Including your State police, NYPD and any other government alphabet agency. And if there is a registration you can count me out. I will not comply.