Democrat Rep: There Is A Mass Shooting In The U.S. Every Day

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Washington DC – -( Speaking to CNN on Jan 14, Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) tried to justify pending gun grabs by saying, “There is, in fact, a mass killing in [the U.S.] everyday.”

Speier is one of 12 Democrat Reps who met with VP Biden Monday to discuss new gun control measures, and she wholeheartedly believes “there is much that needs to be done, and there's much that can be done,” via Executive Orders to change gun policies.

She talked about being shot five times in Guyana, South America, and being left for dead in 1978. She then began talking about America and stressed that we have to do something to be “sure these kinds of things don't happen again.”

She then turned her attention to the NRA, whom she said uses “fear” as a tactic by applying their political clout to “put fear into members [of Congress].”

Speier then used fear-mongering as a tactic herself, saying that we can't continue to live in a situation where people are “afraid to go to a movie, afraid to take their kids to school,” blah, blah, blah.

The bottom line: Liberals have blinders on. They only see the solution they want to see--which is more gun control. And to justify more laws, they will even talk about crimes in other countries (Guyana in this case).

They are incapable of realizing that gun control may, in fact, be the biggest problem.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Democrat Rep: There Is A Mass Shooting In The U.S. Every Day

    1. There’s a mass shooting with regularity ? Yes, and that’s because police are arming and antagonizing nutjobs to get them to kill people (to help justify more antigun law).

      This was done in Australia (Port Arthur).

    2. Well, Jackie, I know of a far greater mass murder occurring on a regular basis in the U.S., to the tune of 3,000-plus souls butchered daily. I’m talking about our Nation’s abortion mills, where thousands of innocents have their lives taken daily because they’re “inconvenient,” or “not really human.” While you bleat for gun control “for the sake of the children,” you sanction and even protect the willful and purposeful taking of the lives of millions upon millions of unborn infants over the past 4 decades. But you would claim that the issue of abortion is off-topic, that you’re talking about guns. I would counter with the fact that we see what happens to those who are truly helpless in the face of the loveless State, and who are truly incapable of violence. Then I look at the cries of the left demanding the disarming of the citizenry in the name of “safety,” those pundits and politicians who attempt to demonize the membership of the NRA and gun owners in general as somehow “less than human,” and those of you who would have us believe the obvious lie that claims that the State would never abuse its power against those whose Second Amendment rights have been usurped by tyrants; your malignant words are uttered in bad faith and hypocracy. You really have no problem with killing; like Adam Lanza, you simply prefer that your victims be helpless and unarmed, and you stridently claim that if all of us are made equally weak, we are somehow made “secure.” We should apologize to you and your ilk for defending our God-given right to self-defense, including with a firearm when it is absolutely necessary? If Americans had any backbone left whatsoever, they would rise up and remove you and your cronies from Office as quickly as is legally possible.

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