DHS Seeks 7,000 AR-15s with 30 Round Magazines for ‘Personal Defense’

DHS needs 7,000 Evil AR-15 Assault Weapons with high capacity 30 Round Magazines for ‘Personal Defense' but the president says you don't need them.

DHS Seeks 7,000 AR-15s with 30 Round Magazines for 'Personal Defense'
DHS Seeks 7,000 AR-15s with 30 Round Magazines for ‘Personal Defense'
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- According to New York state Senator Greg Ball (R), the Department of Homeland Security is seeking 7,000 self-defense weapons–all of which are AR-15 variants.

These are the very weapons Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Joe Manchin (D-WV), have been telling us nobody needs for self-defense. Apparently, DHS disagrees.

As I wrote on January 14th, a “Personal Defense Weapons Solicitation” was circulated within DHS describing an AR-15 variant as “suitable for personal defense.” Now, 7,000 such weapons are being sought.

DHS is also seeking 30 round magazines for use with all the rifles.

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  • 13 thoughts on “DHS Seeks 7,000 AR-15s with 30 Round Magazines for ‘Personal Defense’

    1. DHS,is the modern day SA,SS,police state.They used to be a lookout for terrorists that came from outside the country,but now under who is in the White House,they are going to be the modern day Gestopo.They have recieved armored vehicles,Have ordered over a billion rounds of ammo,which has helped cause an ammo shortage in the civilian market,just think about what all that ammo will be used for,I used to be a Deputy Sheriff,we didn’t use that amount of ammo for even qualifying with our weapons,as for getting a good deal on ammo buying in bulk,that is crap,you don’t qualify with hollow points,too expensive!Just keep an eye on them,they are trying to consolidate more control and power.Keep your powder dry.Thank-You.

    2. I have grandbabies, and a beautiful wife of over 40 years. I suppose it’s really about having authority over every law agency, by having more firepower. None of the agency with ever have the fire power of the American people.

    3. This is the same outfit that just bought 750 million rounds in various calibers. And not just hard ball training ammo, but the hollow point and jhp ammo used against personnel.

    4. DHS needs to be told these items are out of stock, and we have to fill all backorders, before we can accept any additional orders.
      Tell Obama that it may be a while, before we can fill that order, and we would like for him to answer a question: Why would anyone NEED that kind of weapon and a 30 round magazine, who really NEEDS these weapons of war?
      I would also ask DHS if they have the correct permits, then get in line and wait.

    5. I do not know about the rest of the AMERICAN PEOPLE, but I would totally destroy every one of my weapons before I hand them over to some NATZIES. We have fought for this country to pertect our Constitutional RIGHTS .It is becoming very clear that we as a people are going to have to fight here to keep our rights.The enemy is with in. So AMERICA STAND YOUR GROUND do not let.these criminals take any more of your rights away.

    6. I would just love to see all of the firearm manufacturers just flat refuse to manufacture and sell to government entities. If the police and other armed civilian agencies are told that the gun manufacturers do not want their business professionally or privately, they would change their way of thinking real quick

    7. DHS is using their 2nd Amendment Rights.. To use those guns to go Deer hunting..
      That is what NY Cuomo and Bloomberg say, as does other left liberal anti-gunners, all say, that the 2nd Amendment was written and passed just for your right to Deer Hunt..

      That is there idiotic logic, for disarming all law abiding Americans..

    8. Barret already doesnt sell to California Law Enforcement Agencies due to their ban on public possession of .50 cal rifles.
      Another Civil War is coming. Count on it.

    9. I would liek to see the Company they buy from deny the sale and seel the 7000, to cabellas, or a LGS so we averag joes and get one.
      or better yet deny the sale all together, as it is crazy for gov to request this

    10. DHS and other Federal agencies are planning for am upcoming civil war. They’ve stockpiled ammo,food, water, plastic coffins, and not weapons.
      If Obozo would have allwed the return of all of the M1 Carbines and Garands from Korea, then they would have enough weapons for any potential threat. They will eventually get their 7,000 AR-15’s after they confiscate them from law-abinding citizens.

    11. I don’t know where DHS sits on the gun control debate,hopefully those agents aren’t anti-citizen. So if DHS says those requested ebr’s are for personal defense,why can’t the president see that regular people use them in the same way? Am I seeing this correctly?

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