FPSRussia Manager Keith Ratliff Found Dead In Suspected Murder

Keith Ratliff
Keith Ratliff

Georgia – -(Ammoland.com)- Keith Ratliff, who served as the manager of the popular FPSRussia YouTube channel, has died.

The 32 year-old Ratliff was found dead of a single gunshot wound to the head, and police are investigating the death as a murder.

Ratliff, who was found on Thursday in Carnesville, Georgia, helped run FPSRussia alongside Kyle Myers, who plays the Dmitri Potapoff character on the firearms channel. FPSRussia is the 10th most subscribed channel on YouTube with more than 3.4 million fans. In addition, its 535 million views make it the 151st most viewed channel on YouTube and far and away the most popular gun channel on the site.

In addition to his work on FPSRussia, Ratliff was also involved in The Controller on Machinima Prime, which featured Myers in a starring role. Ratliff also operated his own channel, which accumulated a shade under a million views thanks to a host of gun demos.

To add a chilling turn to the already chilling story, Ratliff had recently taken to Twitter in support of gun rights, and his general love of firearms adds a grim irony to the story.

FPS Russia team member Kitty Wandel has released a short statement on the tragedy:

It saddens me to confirm that [Ratliff] was indeed found having passed away here in Georgia on Thursday. I do ask for some privacy right now as you can imagine it has shocked us all and our main thoughts and concerns lay with his family right now. Thank you for understanding.

FPSRussia’s Myers has not yet issued a comment on the matter, and the impact of Ratliff’s death on the FPSRussia channel is unknown.

HatTip: www.tubefilter.com

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I cant believe some of these comments. Some of you guys just need to move to north korea. It sounds like youd like that type of govt anyway.


This isn't the place for left/right polotics. I lost my friend to a shotgun accident when we were 15, and it's devestating. I hope the police find the person who did this (if it was murder) and strap him to an electrified lazyboy.


A lone nut could kill more people with a super soaker filled with gasoline and a couple of home made pipe bombs, than with a hand gun. Honestly Id much pefer to be shot, than burned alive. I guess we should ban every sharp object to, because a man in China last month murdered 22 school children with a knife, and 2 years ago a man in Japan killed around 30 people on the train with a Samuri sword. Of course if one of those people had a gun, he might have been shot after the first murder.


they didnt take the weapons, so this was a blatant assassination….


Brynn, you said "Switzerland is a “Gun” culture. Because it’s a country with high gun ownership and a low murder rate."

>> Switzerland in comparison to the US, also does not have a high "African" welfare (gangsta rapper) culture which glorifies drugs and violence either.

This isn't racist, it's is factual observation.


@bwolfrum: Why do you feel you have to lie like that? Sheeesh. Don't you think it'd be all over the news if such an executive order were signed? Oh, yeah, the Lib'rul MSM. But what about FOX? Oh. Wait. It's one of those *sekrit* ones! Then how do YOU know about it?

Lawd save us from the "Black helicopters gonna come and take our gunz!!!" crowd.

P.S. My sympathy to the family of Keith Ratliff, and especially to his very young son Jayden who will never know his father.


Obviously Americans aren't mature enough to have guns. Sure, it's alright to have a gun when your living out in the country but most certainly not the city. Honestly, we say we arent giving up firearms because we are a "Gun" culture. No. Switzerland is a "Gun" culture. Because it's a country with high gun ownership and a low murder rate. In the United States over 13,000 people were murdered in 1992 in America. Switzerland only 92. Canada is also pretty pissed off because there are guns being snuck across the border into there country. And Kris, you can't use… Read more »


Lukske, that has to be the most ignorant statement i have ever heard. No guns = no deaths. More like less guns = more deaths. I live in new york, we have an asuualt wepons ban and you need a permit to even purchase a pistol. It has done absolute jack sh*t to homicide rates here in NY. All a gun ban does is strip us of our rights.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin


Lukske: No firearms= no death from firearms.

Drugs are illegal, but people still use them! Same thing would happen with guns. Stop giving your rights to the government!



My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Sorry for the loss of a close friend.



Firearms should be forbidden.

No firearms = no deaths by firearms.

I wouldn't like to live in the USA, always fearing that someone can take a firearm out of his pocket and shoot some people.


Obama has signed an executive order to confiscated our guns (janurary 9th, 2013) and this murder of Ratliiff was no accident or suicide. FPS Russia is one of the most popular youtube channel gun shows…Discovery Channel has also shut down American Guns, Sons of Guns and others… Like Jesse James show…this was always the plan to disarm the american people so they can implode this country fully. Through economic collapse and bring us under the full control of the UN. Remember Pres. Bush signed the North American Union in 2005 and the last round of signatures was in 2010…this has… Read more »


Just posted yesterday, by Kyle(FPSRussia): As many of you already know I lost a close friend this week I ask only that you show respect to the situation for the family's sake.