Greg and Jake Miller of In Pursuit Wrangle Best Graphic at 2012 Golden Moose Awards

In Pursuit with Greg & Jake
In Pursuit with Greg & Jake

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire –-(  The Outdoor Channel has presented industry veteran Greg Miller and his tac sharp son, Jake Miller, with the award of Best Graphic.

Greg and Jake take an approach with their show that has a little different spin than your typical grip and grin deer hunting program. The Millers aim to hunt in realistic situations on parcels of land that the everyday hunter can access with over the counter tags that are available to everyone.

Greg Miller commented, “In Pursuit, helps to teach hunters of all skill and income levels how to be more successful in the field. Our ‘Zooming In’ segments help hunters to visualize and break down the strategies Jake and I use all season long.” Miller continued to say “Jake and I had the pleasure of accepting this award but our producer Ken Kemper of Twisted Pair and graphics master Josh Busche are the heroes and creative minds that have enabled us to all bring this award home.”

Greg Miller has accomplished a lot in the outdoor industry, writing several books, publishing thousands of magazine articles and hosting several TV shows but this honor really hit home.

Greg went on to comment on what this award means to him, “After being in the hunting industry for many years, it is an honor to be recognized by our partner the Outdoor Channel for Best Graphics.” Jake was excited to add that “We really enjoy helping our viewers visualize our strategies and apply them to their own approach wherever they hunt. Our ‘Zooming In’ segment hopes to accomplish exactly that through easy to understand graphical break down of each hunt.”

With the support of In Pursuit’s loyal sponsors, the viewer can continue to expect the informative hunting show every Thursday at 8:30pm EST through the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year.

Our goal at In Pursuit with Greg & Jake is to bring our viewers hunts that are both entertaining and informative. But just as importantly, many of our hunts are conducted in areas that are accessible and affordable to the average deer hunter. In most of the states where we bow hunt nonresident deer tags are unlimited and available over-the counter for under $300. What’s more, access to prime hunting lands in some of these states is still obtainable simply by knocking on doors and asking for permission to hunt. It’s an approach we’ve come to call “real world deer hunting”. Of course, hunting such places means having to do our own scouting and stand site selection preparation. But that’s exactly how we prefer to do things…..because we believe the vast majority of our viewers are like us.

They don’t have an unlimited hunt budget, nor do they have access to thousands of acres of privately owned, aggressively managed hunting property. Which is exactly why In Pursuit with Greg & Jake has adopted a real world approach to deer hunting.