GRNC Rally Postponed & NC Mayor Leans On Gander Mountain To Stop Selling Guns

Morrisville Mayor Leans On Gander Mountain.

Grass Roots North Carolina Forum for Firearms Education
Grass Roots North Carolina for Firearms Education

North Carolina –-( Update! Due to an unforeseen schedule change at the North Carolina General Assembly, the GRNC rally originally planned for January 23rd has been postponed until February.

\In the coming days, we will announce the new date for the rally.

Please monitor for further updates.

Mayor Holcombe wants Gander Mountain to stop selling “assault” weapons.
In yet another example of the coming showdown between government and the Second Amendment, Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe is asking Gander Mountain to stop selling semi-automatic rifles in their Morrisville store. In response to a few emails she has received recently, she believes that leaning on private business and dictating what they should and should not sell on their shelves is the proper way for government to respond to perceived issues.

Without a doubt, this latest example of government agencies leaning on private industry to achieve their political goals is disturbing, to say the least. While the White House did the same with larger businesses in a meeting on January 10th, this seemingly random request by Mayor Holcombe fits a recently established pattern by the anti-gun crowd.

As Vice President Joe Biden prepares to assault Congress with his version of gun control, other political leaders are leaning on the private commercial sector to cave in to their demands. Even though politicians admit that gun control does not stop gun violence, Mayor Holcombe still believes it is a step in the right direction.

Private business under siege?
This disturbing trend has grown in strength over the past few weeks. More and more, we are seeing government agencies at all levels calling for private businesses to meet their demands in an effort to curb gun violence. While all of us would love to see gun violence end, the methods employed by these agencies not only do not work, but they set a dangerous precedent. While some local businesses decided to take semi-automatic rifles off their shelves near Newbury, CT in the aftermath of the tragedy there, more and more politicians are starting to put pressure on businesses around the country to do the same. Once again, they are missing the point. The point of some of the local stores in CT removing the rifles was to show reverence for the tragic event, and to protect families of the victims from seeing such a reminder during the immediate aftermath. It was not done as a cheap political stunt or as a means to send a message.

The end result of such pressure tactics becomes a major question: Just how much influence should government at any level hold over private industry in their attempts to fully extinguish the Second Amendment? This is one tactic that we will see more and more of in the coming weeks. Politicians can only do so much through legislation. Knowing this, they will attack on other fronts, as well. With or without legal backing, politicians will move forward with their agenda.

Stand with private business!

As we move ahead in the battle to preserve the Second Amendment, we must be aware of the tactics that are being employed against it. Anti-gun politicians at all levels will seek to lean on private retailers and manufacturers in an attempt to appear to be doing something to curb gun violence. In the meantime, these attempts end up simply adding more restrictions for people who do follow the law, and very little in terms for those that do not. We must show our support and stand with businesses as they weather the storm of political winds!


  • IMMEDIATELY CONTACT MORRISVILLE MAYOR JACKIE HOLCOMBE: Use the contact information provided and deliver the message below
  • CONTACT GANDER MOUNTAIN AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT: Use the contact information provided to send a note of support
  • SUPPORT GRNC: GRNC needs your support to help combat the attacks against your rights as gun owners. Join or renew your membership!


Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe:
Email: [email protected]
919-463-6930 (work)
919-677-9153 (cell)
Gander Mountain Representative Jeff Meyers:
Email: [email protected]


Suggested Subject: “Hands Off Private Business!”

Dear : Mayor Holcombe,

Recently I have learned that you are pressing Gander Mountain to discontinue selling semi-automatic rifles at their Morrisville store location. I find this to be part of a disturbing trend, where politicians are leaning heavily on private businesses in order to accomplish certain goals to further an anti-gun agenda. We all want to prevent further tragedies such as the recent killings in CT, but I feel that directing our attention to the criminals themselves is a far better way than arbitrarily banning many guns from the private sector—a measure which history has proven to be ineffective.

I am also fearful of the precedent being set by political leaders as they attempt to influence local businesses—without any legal standing. This precedent represents a dangerous example of political power unduly wielded upon private industry. The sale of such rifles is not only legal, but it represents an expression of our freedoms which are protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. In the wrong hands, these rifles can be deadly. I encourage you to use your office to better create an environment where they may be owned by responsible citizens, and to work toward the identification and treatment of those that would commit such tragic crimes. Like you, I would like to see progress toward the prevention of such atrocities, while at the same time preserving the rights which we are guaranteed.

I will be monitoring this issue via Grass Roots North Carolina.


******************************************************* Second Letter

Suggested Subject: “I Support Gander Mountain!”

Dear: Mr. Meyers,

It has come to my attention that the Mayor of Morrisville, NC has decided that she wants to eliminate the sale of semi-automatic rifles in your Morrisville store. She has decided that using her political influence is the best course of action in this matter by writing an open letter to representatives of your company and issuing a plea for the immediate stop of all sales of these rifles. I find this abuse of political office to be somewhat disturbing in nature. If allowed to be a normal course of action, I’m fearful that other political leaders around the country would do the same in their own districts, creating an unsettling precedent disrupting the lawful relationship between government and private industry.

As you well know, the pressure is building for politicians to do something about gun violence in light of recent events. Whatever steps are taken, I would hope that proper legislative avenues are used to accomplish real change that will make a difference. Instead, we find that the Mayor of Morrisville, NC is willing to bypass proper and established legislative steps and hopes to pressure your company into removing products from your shelves without due respect toward established means.

I am sending this note of encouragement and support to you in the hopes that your company will stand strong against the pressure of the political winds that are sweeping the nation.


Grass Roots North Carolina/Forum for Firearms Education is a non-profit, all volunteer organization devoted to educating the public about trends which abridge the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and engaging in grass roots activism to preserve those freedoms. Formed in 1994 to conduct a highly successful rally for the Second Amendment, GRNC has gone on to conduct projects like “Remember in November: A Gun Owner’s Guide to Voting,” bringing concealed carry to North Carolina.

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Chad E. Collins

I sell firearms for Gander Mountain in Chambersburg PA. And we sold out of semi-automatic rifles on the Tuesday after the supposed sandy hook shooting our suppliers are showing absolutely none available we can't keep ammo on the shelves or semi-automatic pistols we are even sell revolvers at record levels.


I support Gander Mountain 100% . My unsolicited advice to them is to leave where they are not appreciated and move to where they are ,for instance , Jones County North Carolina sits on RT.17 between Jacksonville NC and New Bern DC , just saying .

Gerald Ameral

Time for GUN owners to to stand up. Today I read that Midway will no longer fill or accept orders for HiCap mags. I contacted them myself to see if this was true. Their rep told me that it was correct. I asked why. First I was told it was because of the "pending Executive Order". Then I was told "We cannot sell them if they are illeagal" I asked if they (hi cap mags) are illeagal now. I was then informed of a large backlog of orders and that Midway was in reciept of a Letter (source not disclosed)… Read more »

No recoil

From what I can see most gun retailers have already stop sell (semi)automatic rifles.

There haven't 't been any on the shelves in weeks.